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SOM P2P Committee Recognizes Role Models at NYMC

The School of Medicine (SOM) Peer to Peer (P2P) Committee celebrates the exemplary students of New York Medical College (NYMC) with Professionals of NYMC, a forum for students to recognize each other as peer role models and showcase students who demonstrate the ideals valued most as future healthcare professionals. The initiative recognizes medical students who embody the school's core graduation competencies, including outstanding acts of patient care, interpersonal and communication skills, collaboration and professionalism. It is the hope that Professionals of NYMC will inspire all members of the NYMC community to make a positive difference in the lives of others. One selected winner per class will receive recognition in their Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) during the application to residency process. Many students have been acknowledged by their peers for outstanding acts of kindness or patient care and you are invited you to nominate a student who goes above and beyond. Have you seen a classmate do something awesome and inspiring? Send your nominations to nymcp2p@gmail.com.

The P2P Professionals of NYMC
May 2018
Award Winners

a headshot of Normal Salazar p2p


Norma Salazar, SOM Class of 2018
“Norma goes out of her way to take care of her peers and serve as an eager and accessible mentor for the junior classes.”

a headshot of Tafadzwa Mtisi p2p    Tafadzwa Mtisi, SOM Class of 2019
“Tafadzwa is a genuinely compassionate individual. He is patient, understanding and a pleasure to spend time with. He is the type of person that forces a smile on your face when you find out you are paired with him in a clinical setting. He is a loyal friend and is always considerate of the viewpoints of his team members. He will frequently volunteer to take the extra patient, stay the extra hour and complete the extra assignment. A P2P nomination for this exemplary future physician is long overdue.”
a headshot of Reid Goodman p2p   

Reid Goodman, SOM Class of 2020
“If Reid Goodman knew about this nomination, he would be the first to recommend someone else. He is not one to flaunt his praise-worthy attributes, of which there are so many. In a year seemingly full of uncertainty, Reid provides the day-to-day stability and consistency that many don’t even realize they need. He is unfailingly positive, unfailingly relatable and unfailingly kind. His integrity and humanity make their impact on an individual basis, generally subtle, sometimes even unrecognized by the recipient and almost always out of the spotlight. In the time that I’ve known him, Reid has helped me through a number of difficult times just by exuding that same positivity and compassion that we have all come to know so well. I have seen him go out of his way to foster inclusivity amongst our peers, whether it be through boldly putting a stop to negative talk or sitting with different classmates at lunch, abating cliquish tendencies the moment they are recognized. Reid is the walking definition of a class act and the M2 class is so fortunate to call him one of its own.”

a headshot of Julia Wilkins p2p   

Julia Wilkins, Class of 2021
“Julia is an absolute shining star in the Class of 2021. She is an incredible friend and colleague to all. Her smile, positive attitude, sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for medicine are contagious. She is fiercely intelligent and relentlessly caring. Julia is always there to support her peers, whether it’s bringing them soup when they’re sick, sacrificing her own study time to help others prepare for exams or taking them to Captain Lawrence when she knows they need some balance. Her influence enables everyone around her to be better medical students and better people.”

Additional Student Nominations

SOM Class of 2018: Pamela Patino
SOM Class of 2019: Josue Sanchez, Michael Winter, William Perkins
SOM Class of 2020: Alicia Brady, Joyce Tiapo, Leora Boussi
SOM Class of 2021: Kristen Wong, Marsiella Garcia, Scarlett Tohme, Suyu Zhang