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SOM P2P Committee Recognizes Role Models at NYMC

The School of Medicine (SOM) Peer to Peer (P2P) Committee celebrates the exemplary students of NYMC with Professionals of NYMC, a recognition program to highlight peer role models and showcase students who demonstrate the ideals valued most as future healthcare professionals. The initiative recognizes students in the NYMC community who embody the school's core graduation competencies, including outstanding acts of patient care, interpersonal and communication skills, collaboration and professionalism. It is the hope that Professionals of NYMC will inspire all members of the NYMC community to make a positive difference in the lives of others. One selected winner per class will receive recognition in their Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) during the application to residency process. Have you seen a classmate do something awesome and inspiring? Send your nominations to nymcp2p@gmail.com

P2P would like to recognize the Professionals of NYMC February 2018 Award Winners:

Ana Segura, SOM Class of 2018, headshot


Ana Segura, SOM Class of 2018

“From our first day in school Ana was providing academic advice and study guides. Fast forward to third year and I was lucky to have her as a sub-intern in my first rotation—surgery. Ana not only took the time to teach us knots, wound care, etc., but modeled how to be an excellent sub-I. Her knowledge base, professionalism, and patient care showcased just how impactful medical students can be on the healthcare team.”

Samuel Gelnick, SOM Class of 2019, headshot


Samuel Gelnick, SOM Class of 2019

“From the start of first year, Sammy has been a great friend. He has a very approachable, kind, and compassionate personality. As medical students, we don't always have much free time, but I’ve seen first-hand how Sammy has sacrificed to care and offer his time to helping other students. Whether it's to help arrange school events or to just be there to talk to about stresses, he continues to prove his devotion. This year, I got to see how his genuinely caring personality extends beyond friends but to patients as well. The way he talks to and cares for patients at the hospital is inspirational and uplifting. He is the epitome of a professional and definitely deserves to be recognized.”

Nikathan Kumar, SOM Class of 2020, headshot


Nikathan Kumar, SOM Class of 2020

“Niko is someone who will never hesitate to drop everything to help a friend. He is a kind, caring, and compassionate individual who is constantly giving to those around him. Niko helps classmates with anything from fixing the tire pressure on someone’s car to working through a challenging topic from lecture. Niko is a reliable and dedicated friend to all.”

Suyu Zhang, SOM Class of 2021, headshot


Suyu Zhang, SOM Class of 2021

“Suyu constantly goes above and beyond in his interactions with students and relentlessly invests in our well-being both as a class and individuals. More than once he has taken the time to buy chocolate and hand it out in the library the night before a big test. As someone on the receiving end of something so thoughtful, I was appreciative and encouraged to keep going. He also put a huge amount of work into organizing a Friendsgiving event for students and even created a forum for us to share our thoughts with professors with a class toast. This was one of the most impactful events of the year so far and gave us an opportunity to connect and reflect on Block 1. Suyu is genuinely one of the most caring, thoughtful people I have met and I’m so happy to have him in our class.”

Additional Nominees 

Class of 2019: Alex Berardi, Katie Dermigny, Nazanin Khajoueinejad, Rachel Finkel and Virginia Leone
Class of 2020: Jen Lindelof, Jenny Wu, Jessica Row, Marcus Foo and Spencer Weintraub
Class of 2021: Alexa Cohen, Ariana Matz, Carolyn Ardizzone, Cydney Nichols, Elizabeth Laikhter, Joseph McCafferty, Mathias Palmer, Matthew Palastro, Nikita Ahmad, Scarlett Tohme, Scott Lewis, Tom Kim, Tucker Callanan and Yedidya Ben-Avie