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Campus Collaborative Research

Campus Collaborative Research (CCR) is a collaboration between the School of Health Sciences and Practice (SHSP), the Institute of Public Health and the School of Medicine (SOM). Staff are trained in a range of relevant fields, including: clinical epidemiology, population health, biostatistics, data management, library science and technical writing. We offer guidance toward a full spectrum of research support services for both students and career professionals to advance clinical and/or population research. 


Our mission is to create a culture of scientific collaboration based on mutual respect, trust and patience. Our goal is for students and professionals to develop the necessary skills and discernment to become producers of the highest quality clinical and population research. We serve as guides and coaches so that researchers may learn to independently support their teams and continue gaining experience in a variety of areas, including use of National databases, systematic reviews, metanalyses, descriptive analyses and experimental research.


Staff are here to assist and/or provide direction to services, including:

  • Study design
  • Survey Development
  • IRB proposal
  • Sample size determination
  • Methods design
  • Statistical programming guidance
  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Manuscript editing and review

CCR provides research support services to two distinct groups of constituents:

  1. NYMC students, residents, and early career professionals with unfunded projects. Services are provided for unfunded projects at no cost. 
  2. Health Care professionals within the Hudson Valley who have funded research. For funded, professional research, services are provided on a contract basis.