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The Advanced Certificate in Pediatric Dysphagia requires completion of 4 courses and 1 practica. Completion of this 15-credit certificate requires maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or above for all coursework and practica combined.


Courses are taught online, with strong faculty support throughout. Chat sessions will be regularly scheduled to ensure the material is being processed appropriately. Class discussions will also serve to clarify student concerns.

The course work is accompanied by Clinical Practica 1 course which is a fully remote learning experience to which to focus is on increasing the knowledge/skills to work with a complex pediatric population in a variety of clinical settings through the use of remote learning modules based on real time case examples and case review. 

Optional Additional 2 credit experience in Clinical Practica 2 is a live working experience for students to work alongside clinical educators in the assessment and/or treatment of pediatrics with feeding and swallowing challenges in a variety of settings such as Outpatient clinic, NICU and/or inpatient care. The experience is live and has the ability to be tailored in ways to the site needs and student needs. Certain sites will only offer in person learning while others can incorporate remote LIVE experiences. A students work in these LIVE settings is to work with their clinical supervisors to develop their diagnostic plans, discuss clinical observations and put into practice the skills learned in their clinical writing. 


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