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Pediatric Dysphagia Program FAQs

When are the classes offered? 

Courses for the certificate program begin every fall and run through the spring and summer. The program is designed to be completed in three semesters.  

How is this program different from the previous years?

Prior to Fall 2021, the program consisted of 4 online courses and 2 in-person practicum courses. We learned much during this pandemic, and upon completing an internal review have obtained a program modification from NYSED. The modification starting Fall 2021 consists of: 4 online courses (see curriculum) plus one Virtual Practicum. Our online classes are offered asynchronously so that you may complete the program on your timeline, as well as respect differing time zones. Regularly scheduled chat sessions are scheduled throughout the semester and hosted by the faculty member(s) teaching the course. The 1 online Virtual Practicum includes pre-assigned modules/cases with weekly synchronous meetings with a Clinical Educator, specialist in the field. Total of 15 credits.

Are we required to complete a 2nd practicum?

This is optional. An additional practicum is available focused on pediatric outpatient cases. There is a possibility of NICU experience pending availability to a site. Additional cost: 1 credit

Can I enroll while completing my clinical fellowship (CF)?


What documentation do I need in order to apply to the program?

In order to apply for the Advanced Certificate in Pediatric Dysphagia, you must have obtained your SLP or OT certification or be in the middle of your fellowship year.

Being "certified" in SLP means holding the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC), a nationally recognized professional credential for Speech-Language Pathology. This (CCC-SLP), or ASHA certification, is only awarded to graduates of accredited Speech-Language Pathology programs.

Does the certificate program add any letters after CCC-SLP?

While the certificate program does not add any letters after your CCC-SLP, you will have it for use as a promotional tool for your practice. 

I have an license in a state other than NY. Since we are doing practicum weekends in NY where NYMC is based, do I have to obtain a NY license?

No, license from another state and ASHA CCC is sufficient. International credentials are also considered.

I work full time, can I still apply?

The program has been designed for the working professional, so all students are usually engaged in full-time work while completing the Program.

Can you explain how the practicum works?

As per all the changes with Covid, we created a Virtual Practicum experience, fully online with week supervisory meetings. Modules have been developed for each student to access cases and specific skills development. This online experience, paired with the weekly live meeting with a Clinical Educator have resulted in excellent reviews from former students. We do still offer in-person practicum weekends, for those interested in additional clinical experiences, as an elective.

Since the classes are online does that mean the testing be online as well? 

​Grading is mostly in the form of projects and brief reports. If there is to be an exam, it would be online and timed (but not synchronous, as students are in different time zones) 

What's a typical class schedule look like for the week? ​

Every class is different, however, for the most part, students have work to do every week and some time may include synchronous discussions/lectures as well as chats. 

For the practicum weekends are they both Saturday and Sunday?

​In order to maximize travel time, yes both days are included in the elective Practicum experience. This may change over time based on student needs and interests.

Cost: The cost per credit is $530 and subject to change until final board approval in June. Because this is a certificate program, you will not be eligible for Financial Aid.