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Student Activities

The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at NYMC is extremely rigorous and challenging, and our faculty’s first priority is excellence in the education of physical therapy students. As part of a major university medical center our faculty are experts in their field.  Our students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and clinical environments that promote the integration of the theory and practice of physical therapy. Our foundational sciences are taught by faculty of our School of Medicine and School of Basic Medical Sciences. Our human anatomy lab allows our students to perform full body cadaver dissection and our spacious clinical lab areas are accessible to our students 24 hours a day.

But we also believe that close professional relationships between faculty and students are crucial for effective education at a doctoral level. In addition to being assigned to faculty members for professional development and advisement and an open door policy exists between all students and faculty, the department strives to create opportunities for students to interact with faculty – and with each other – outside the classroom. The DPT barbeque, held each August, celebrates the First Year students’ successful completion of the Summer Semester. Our yearly flag football game provides an opportunity to blow off steam with a little fresh air and healthy competition.

A new tradition instituted this year was the Department of Physical Therapy White Coat Ceremony. This ceremony is an important recognition of the readiness of students to make the transition from the classroom to the clinic. Deans, faculty, and alumni share their reflection of the rewards, expectations and obligations in becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and students pledge themselves to the ethical and mindful practice of physical therapy. Each student is assisted by their faculty advisor in donning their first white coat, and all celebrate the success of the students in achieving this professional milestone.

Department of Physical Therapy Barbeque   Flag Football   White Coat Ceremony