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M.P.H. in Epidemiology

Understanding the Cause, Analyzing the Spread, and Preventing DiseaseEpidemiology

Epidemiology is the basic science of disease recognition, characterization and prevention. The application of epidemiologic tools and principles is increasingly important not only to public health but also in clinical practice. What causes disease? How is it distributed in the population? What are the determinants of disease and what makes certain individuals more susceptible to disease than others? And what can we do to protect more people and more communities from disease and death? Often called “the cornerstone” of public health, epidemiology studies these questions to understand disease processes and apply that information to develop and evaluate protection and control measures.

  • In the M.P.H. in Epidemiology, you will study trends, patterns, and causes related to disease in populations.
  • You will learn to create and interpret complex statistical models to understand risk factors for and solutions to diseases that affect public health.
  • You will be trained to effectively communicate such research and findings to lay and professional audiences.
  • The M.P.H. degree in Epidemiology provides students with the knowledge and quantitative skills necessary to participate in the areas of medical, clinical, and public health research.
  • Successful completion of this program will qualify you for careers with health care providers, local and state health departments, federal agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Delivery Options:
This program is offered in a traditional format, with late afternoon and evening classes on campus.

Credits Required for Completion: 43

Application Requirements  

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Application Process: email the SHSP Office of Admissions or call (914) 594-4510.
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The following courses are all 3 credits, unless otherwise noted. This M.P.H. is on-campus only. 

M.P.H. Curriculum - 43 credits

a. Required core courses: 19 credits total

Health Care in the United States
Environmental Influences on Human Health
Behavioral and Social Factors in Public Health
Public Health In Action
Introduction to Biostatistics
Introduction to Epidemiology
Applied Practice Experience (1 Credit)

b. Required Epidemiology concentration courses: 19 credits total

Advanced Epidemiology I
Advanced Epidemiology II
Intermediate Biostatistics I
Intermediate Biostatistics II
Introduction to SAS Programming for Data Management and Analysis
Concentration Electives (6 credits)  

c. Culminating Experience – Epidemiology Capstone or Thesis: 3 credits

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