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M.P.H. Specializations

The M.P.H. offers specializations in four areas:

  1. Master of Public Health (MPH) Generalist programPublic Health 2 [Effective Spring 2023] focused on developing the practical expertise and academic knowledge necessary to safeguard large groups and improve the health of communities.

    • Careers: Graduates of the MPH Generalist are able to provide solutions to all areas of healthcare and in settings that are local, national or global in nature.

  2. Health Behavior and Community Health teaches techniques for behavior change
    —health promotion, health education, community needs assessments, andMPH Health Behavior and Community Health 2.11.22 the development and evaluation of intervention programs, with sensitivity to cultural factors.

    • Careers:  Health Behavior & Community Health graduates can be employed as health educators, program coordinators, research associates, and program evaluators/researchers in a variety of settings, including public health agencies, private non-profit and advocacy organizations, medical
      advertising, and promotion agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry.

  3. MPH Epidemiology 2.11.22 Epidemiology provides students with the knowledge and quantitative skills necessary to participate in the areas of medical, clinical, and public health research, working to identify trends, patterns, and causes related to disease in populations.

    • Careers:  Epidemiology graduates qualify for careers in the areas of medical, clinical, and public health research with health care providers, local and state health departments, federal and global agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry.

  4. MPH Health Policy and Management 2.11.22Health Policy and Management provides students with an understanding of the business, program, planning, delivery and policy areas of health care.
    • Careers:  Health policy and management graduates assume roles as executives, researchers, planners, consultants, policy analysts, and legislative specialists.  The program prepares students for careers in health care systems, managed care organizations, public health departments, consulting firms, pharmaceutical companies and federal, state, and local government agencies.

Careers in Public Health

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