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Competencies and Accreditation

A graduate of the M.P.H. program in Behavioral Sciences and Health Promotion is expected to achieve the following the following program (P) competencies:

BSHP P1 -Identify and describe the major behavioral and social sources of morbidity and mortality.

BSHP P2 -Describe the major theories and techniques for changing lifestyle health behaviors.

BSHP P3 -Compare the strengths and limitations of major theories in designing different types of health behavior interventions.

BSHP P4 -Describe the major issues in health education and communication and effecting change in individuals, groups, and communities.

BSHP P5 -Identify the role that social, environmental and personal stressors play in the health of individuals and communities.

BSHP P6 -Describe steps/procedures for the needs assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of public health programs, policies and interventions.

BSHP P7 -Describe the appropriateness/applicability of different research designs for the evaluation of a health program.

BSHP P8 -Evaluate the strengths/weaknesses of research studies (including design, sample, variable conceptualization/ measurement, analysis) and their appropriateness for research questions and for the evaluation of programs.

BSHP P9 -Communicate evaluation/research findings to lay and professional audiences.