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Health Policy and Management

Inform Policy and Improve the Business of Health CareHealth Policy & Management
Health policy and management concern the delivery, quality, and costs of health care for individuals and populations. M.P.H. students who concentrate in health policy and management are trained in the complex structures of healthcare delivery in the U.S., the legal and ethical foundations of health care, and the policy processes designed to improve healthcare access among diverse populations.

  • You will graduate with an understanding of the business, program, planning, delivery and policy areas of healthcare.
  • Faculty members are experienced health care leaders, executives, researchers, planners, consultants, physicians, nurses, lawyers and other professionals who have held leadership positions in health and health-related enterprises and government.
  • The program prepares students for careers in health care systems, managed care organizations, public health departments, consulting firms, pharmaceutical companies, and federal, state and local government agencies.

Delivery Options:
This program may be completed in a traditional classroom format or completely online or as a hybrid of both late afternoon and evening on-campus classes.  

Credits required for completion: 43

Ready to apply?
Applicants to all of our public health programs must apply through SOPHAS system.

Admission Requirements

Application Process: email the SHSP Office of Admissions or call 914-594-4510.
Submitted Applications: email Irene Bundziak or call (914) 594-4905.