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M.D./M.P.H. Program

Sample 4-Year Program Layout


Fall Year 1: No MPH Classes


Spring Year 1: CHSM 5004 Applied Biostatistics and Epidemiology


Summer Year 1: HPMM 5001 Health Care in the US


Fall Year 2: BSHM 5001 Behavioral and Social Factors in Public Health


Spring Year 2: CHSM 5005a and CHSM 5005b Public Health in Action
(1.5 each; must be taken concurrently)


Summer Year 2: CHSM 7088 Applied Practice Experience


Fall Year 3: BSHM 6012 Research Methods


Spring Year 3: BSHM 6021 Program Planning


Summer Year 3: HPMM 6050 Grant Writing


Fall Year 4: Elective


Spring Year 4: Elective


Summer Year 4: CHSM 7098 Comprehensive Exam


The M.D./M.P.H. Generalist can be completed in 4 years (flexible and working around the SOM schedule)

Students enrolled in the School of Medicine at New York Medical College may apply to the NYMC School of Health Sciences and Practice Master of Public Health Program. This MD/MPH Generalist program provides an opportunity to pursue both MD and MPH degrees concurrently within 4 years.  The M.P.H. is designed to complement undergraduate medical education by providing a deeper understanding of concepts and principles of public health, community outreach, and health systems management. We encourage students to begin in the Spring of Year 1 to spread out the course load, but students may begin in any semester –  we will work with you to accommodate your schedule and to personalize your curriculum. All M.P.H. courses are both online and asynchronous. Benefits of the M.D./M.P.H. dual degree program include:

  • Student-centered program with dedicated and highly experienced faculty leaders in health policy & management,  epidemiology, biostatistics,  global health,  health behavior, and community-based public health
  • An applied practice experience where students can integrate a clinical rotation with the population health perspective where they can apply what you have learned in the coursework
  • Appreciation of the effects of the interplay between community factors and individual behaviors on the health status of patients
  • Understanding of the basis of treatment and treatment outcomes for  individual patients
  • Understanding of the delivery of health services, including the economic and legal aspects 

M.P.H. Specialization

M.P.H. Generalist – The 42-credit M.P.H. Generalist allows students to transfer 12 credits from SOM to their M.P.H. degree leaving the student to take 30 credits. Within the 30 credits are 6 elective hours to tailor their educational experience. Students may choose elective courses based on interest in areas such as Global Health, Health Administration, Health Education, and Emergency Management.

  • Required Courses: 24 hours
  • Electives: 6 hours
  • Culminating Project: 0 Credits


  • Are classes online or in person on campus? How would the summer classes work alongside my 3rd/4th-year clinical rotations? All MPH courses listed are offered online, including all summer courses.
  • Is research required for this program? The only requirements are the courses listed, some of which relate to research methods and quantitative analysis. There are no additional research requirements. 
  • Does the program culminate in a thesis project or presentation? The program culminates in a comprehensive exam.
  • How do the MPH classes integrate with the MD curriculum? Would the class times overlap and I would have to miss one to attend another? Since all MPH courses listed are offered online and are asynchronous, there will be no conflicts with your MD curriculum.

Admissions Process

Admission into the M.D./M.P.H. dual degree program is open to all students who are enrolled in the School of Medicine. The admissions office and faculty will work with students on an individualized program to facilitate a timeframe to enable the successful completion of the MPH which is in the best interest of the student. The following material must be submitted to the SHSP Office of Admissions:

  • Complete the application 
  • The form will automatically be routed for signature and then submitted to SHSP Admissions
  • The SHSP Office of Admissions will arrange to obtain a copy of the official undergraduate transcript(s) on file in the NYMC Registrar’s Office.
  • You will then be sent an acceptance letter and information on how to register for classes. 


Students in the MD/MPH program are eligible for a 30% discount off of the MPH per credit price. In addition to the discount, a scholarship will be provided to bring the NET out-of-pocket for the MPH Generalist is $10,000. 

Please email the SHSP Office of Admissions or call (914) 594-4510 or if you have any questions.