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Jaclyn F. Rance, M.S. ‘10, Speech-Language Pathology

JaclynRanceRusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine
NYU Langone Medical Center


What made you choose New York Medical College?

I chose NYMC because it is a medically-based speech-language pathology program which means the program offers courses other graduate schools did not, coursework that I felt would make me much more prepared for clinical practice.  

What is your fondest memory of New York Medical College?

I have fond memories of the gross anatomy course and dissecting the face. It was an invaluable opportunity to actually see the innervation, origins, and insertions of the muscles I would be working with as a clinician.

What is your current professional role/position and what are some highlights of your career track?

I currently work at Rusk Rehabilitation Center in inpatient adult rehabilitation. With the experience I gained through my NYMC clinical placement at Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Hospital, I was able to stand out from other candidates, especially when I was applying for my clinical fellowship year.

Based on your experiences, what advice would you give to future students and future alumni of New York Medical College?

For speech-language pathology students, I recommend trying to determine the population you want to work with and then try to get your clinical placement there.

When you’re not working, where are you most likely to be found and what are you most likely to be doing?

My husband and I enjoy the parks by our apartment in New York City. We like to try different restaurants and be tourists in our own city.