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Lieutenant Lewis K. Antwi, M.P.H. ’15

Lewis AntwiLieutenant Lewis Kofi Antwi, M.P.H. ’15
Environmental Health Science

School of Health Sciences and Practice

What made you choose New York Medical College?

While serving in the U.S Navy as Hospital Corpsman Dental Assistant (HMDA), I developed a quest to continue my service as a commissioned officer. This pursuit resulted in me researching on various ways to continue my education and service to my country. I was actively seeking to pursue a program that would enhance my ability to commission in the U.S Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (USPHSC). I enquired on various master of public health (M.P.H.) programs at various institutions. As part of the requirement to as an environmental health officer with the USPHCS, one must have an M.P.H. from a CEPH (Council on Education for Public Health) accredited institution. When I stumbled across the program at New York Medical College (NYMC), I knew I hit the jackpot, because the program was offered both online and on campus, it was accredited by CEPH and offered 50% tuition discount for active duty service members including U.S Public Health Service Commissioned Corps officers and U.S Department of Health and Human Service employees (HHS). I had no other choice than to select NYMC as the school of choice and to this day I have no regrets.

What is your fondest memory of New York Medical College?

I made very good friends in the course of my time at NYMC. We developed a strong bond and continued with a professional relationship. Also, offering advice to one another and sometimes telling jokes to share some memories during our days in school.

What is your current professional role/position and some highlights of your career track?

I am currently serving as an environmental health officer with the USPHS and assigned to the U.S Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as an investigator. Some of my primary responsibilities as an investigator with FDA is conducting inspections and investigations in the field of biologics and bioresearch monitoring; investigating complaints, injury/illness or death caused by an FDA regulated product; advising industry, state and local officials and consumers on enforcement policies methods and interpretation of regulation; and initiating action against violators. As an environmental health officer, I am trained to respond and protect the public from environmental threats and help communities recover from natural disasters and other public health emergencies.

Based on your experiences, what advice would you give to future students and/or future alumni of New York Medical College?

Don’t stop trying, because the very moment you stop trying is the very moment you've failed yourself. Challenges are meant to come our way, not deter us but to make us stronger and better prepared for the future.

When you're not working, where are you most likely to be found/what are you most likely to be doing?

I currently serve as the liaison for the USPHS Environmental Health Officer Professional Advisory Committee (EHOPAC) to New York Medical College. I use my off-duty hours to mentor students, future students, graduates and alumni looking to having a career with the U.S Public Health Service. I also serve as the president/founder of Sound Lion Records LLC, which is an independent record label established to promote talented African artist around the globe, where I actively engage in music distribution, songwriting, artist promotion and marketing.