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Student Organizations

The following is a list of student organizations in SHSP.

Student Healthcare Executives (StuHE)
The Student Healthcare Executives (StuHE) organization was established in the spring of 1999. Students from any school or department of NYMC are invited to join the chapter. StuHE was formed for the purpose of providing a network for students in the healthcare field to meet, exchange ideas, and set goals. The chapter holds several meetings throughout the academic year. As a member, you will attend guest speaker events, participate in National Public Health Week, network with the alumni career panel, and help raise awareness of public health issues.

Genocide Awareness and Prevention Club (GAAP)
The Genocide Awareness and Prevention Club (GAAP) is composed of both public health and medical students, and is part of a nationwide student anti-genocide movement. It organizes events such as documentary screenings, talks by prominent activists and fundraisers to raise awareness and take action to stop genocide wherever and whenever it may occur. The GAAP club is always welcoming new members and encourages anyone who is interested in this club and its mission, to contact our faculty advisor, Dr. Padmini Murthy for more information.

International Society
The International Society of New York Medical College offers students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to experience and appreciate the cultural diversity of the College community through a series of academic, social, and cultural programs. The society organizes and sponsors seminars on a variety of international health topics such as traditional medicine, acupuncture, and healthcare practices in developing and developed countries. Social and cultural events include field trips to local areas of interest. The society also serves as a resource for international students by providing information and assistance on immigration requirements.

Students are represented on the School’s Curriculum, Research, and Student Affairs Committees. The latter, which also includes members of the faculty and administration, is concerned with the conditions of student life, academic advisement and career placement, academic integrity, and other issues of importance to students. In addition, students are represented on the College-wide Library Committee and the Commencement Committee. One student from each of the College’s three schools (School of Health Sciences and Practice, Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences and the School of Medicine) attends the meetings of the Board of Trustees.

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