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Baturu Mboge

Masters of Public Health Program and Doctor of Public Health Program

"I am a strong believer that all human beings are born as equals; but we are brought up in an environment of inequality of circumstances. New York Medical College public health program prepares students to address these inequalities by understanding the social and economic determinants of health. I decided to pursue Masters of Public Health and Doctor of Public Health at NYMC because of the quality education it offers, that links theory with practice. The school has a multi-cultural student community with a first class faculty that is committed and dedicated to the success of each and every student. The NYMC School of Health Sciences and Practice & Institute of Public Health has a unique relationship with multiple stakeholders that are critical to the study of public health. Furthermore, the health policy and management program is grounded in policy and leadership that is critical in the 21st century. In addition, the global health dimension of the program is pivotal in understanding communities that are suffering from absolute deprivation. The graduates from these programs will contribute significantly in giving voices to the voiceless and enlarging greater freedom in the arena of public health and beyond."

Baturu Mboge is from The Gambia, West Africa. He completed his M.P.H from NYMC in 2015 and is currently finishing up his last semester as a Dr.P.H. student at NYMC. Baturu currently serves as the Medicaid Services Coordinator, Supervisor at Westchester Institute For Human Development. He has worked in diverse fields in the past and traveled to many countries and participated in meetings relating to human development. Baturu is hoping to work for an international organization at some point that promotes gender empowerment, disability inclusiveness and sustainable development. Baturu would also like to work in academia at a later part in his career.