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Blog Posts

Newman, S. A. (2012) Where do complex organisms come from? HuffPost, December 4 (link)

Newman, S. A. (2012) Evolution is more than natural selection. HuffPost, December, 11 (link)

Newman, S. A. (2012) The Modern Evolutionary Synthesis: What’s missing. HuffPost, December 16. (link)

Newman, S. A. (2013) Pigeon study contradicts Darwinian natural selection. HuffPost, February 12. (link)

Newman, S. A. (2013) The British embryo authority and the chamber of eugenics. HuffPost, March 11. (link)

Newman, S. A. (2014) FDA asked to approve creation of genetically modified children. HuffPost, February 20. (link)

Newman, S. A. (2014) Deceptive labeling of a radical embryo construction technique. HuffPost, December 1 (link)

Newman, S. A. (2015) Developmental plasticity and organismal ingenuity challenge Darwin's theory. HuffPost, February 20. (link)

Newman, S. A. (2015) Pinker’s damn: A naïve rejection of controls over genetic engineering. The Huffington Post, September 5. (link)

Newman, S. A. (2015) Are we toys? HuffPost, December 8. (link

Newman, S. A. (2016) Human babies from CRISPR pigs. HuffPost, February 29. (link

Newman, S. A. (2017) CRISPR will never be good enough to improve people. HuffPost, February 18. (link)