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Valhalla Campus Eruv

The NYMC Valhalla Campus Eruv encloses the central portion of the campus using existing building and structure walls and fences and filling gaps with wire strung from poles. See the attached map for the approximate boundaries. Please note the following key points:

  • Only the insides of buildings along the route are included; the outer walls of the buildings are part of the boundary. Ground floor patios in student housing along the boundary line are OUTSIDE the eruv.  Above ground balconies are all within the eruv, as are patios (such as those facing the courtyard) that are not along the boundary line.
  • Please familiarize yourself and be aware of the boundary since it crosses the middle of some lawn areas, particularly around Grasslands housing, the Alumni House and to the east of Sunshine Cottage.
  • Although the eruv uses SHSP (Vosburgh) as a boundary, the building itself does not have Shabbat access (the main entrance is outside the eruv). Similarly, Sunshine cottage is closed on Shabbat.
  • The MEC/BSB complex is accessible through the security office. Note that some spaces in the BSB and MEC may have automated lighting and plumbing controls. The library, lounge, café, and nearby restrooms are available for Shabbat use, as are corridors.
  • Eruv status will be checked bi-weekly unless there has been unusual construction or disruptive/turbulent weather on campus.
  • As in all communal eruvim, this eruv is intended to enhance the Shabbat experience on campus. Please keep this in mind as you utilize the eruv in planning your Shabbat activities.
  • The eruv was constructed under rabbinical guidance and any questions about the eruv should be directed to Rabbi Moshe Krupka, Executive Vice President, Touro College and University System. Rabbi Krupka can be reached at moshe.krupka@touro.edu or (646) 565-6277.


Click to check the status of the NYMC Valhalla campus eruv.