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Authorized Paid Short-Term Absences

Dated: February 24, 2015
Supersedes: HR.601 Authorized Paid Short-Term Absences dated October 2, 2007


To establish guidelines for employees to receive time off, with pay, for certain types of absences.


It is the policy of New York Medical College to permit eligible employees to be absent from work, with pay, on a short-term basis under certain circumstances.


This policy applies to all College regular full-time and regular part-time faculty and employees. CBU employees are covered under the "Paid Leave" section of the appropriate labor agreement.


A. Short-term absence - Any absence for other than illness continuing two (2) weeks or less (except for military service). Absences longer than two (2) weeks must be converted to a leave of absence if employment rights are to be maintained (see Policy HR.603 - Authorized Unpaid Leaves and Policy HR.307 - Short Term Disability).

B. CBU - Union represented employee (Collective Bargaining Unit).


A. Compensation of regular full time and part-time faculty and staff during short-term absences shall be governed by the terms of this Policy. The amount of paid absence provided to regular part-time employees will be based on the weekly schedule and the number of weekly scheduled hours.
For example, employees scheduled (and working) twenty-one (21) hours per week, seven (7) hours each on Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be compensated for any of the hours absent during Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

B. Holiday pay will be provided for holidays falling within the period of the authorized paid short-term absence either at the full rate for full-time employees or pro-rated for part-time employees.

C. Faculty and Staff members will not be compensated during periods of unauthorized absence. Such absences will be considered grounds for disciplinary action (see Policy HR.211 - Disciplinary Action).

D. Types of Authorized Short Term Absences

     1. Bereavement

a. Death/funeral of a member of the immediate family including spouse, children, brother, sister, father, mother, step-children, father-in-law, mother-in-law, grandparents and grandchildren.
b. Three (3) working days pay is allowed. The days must be taken consecutively within a reasonable time of the day of death or day of the funeral and may not be split or postponed, unless there are special circumstances and approved by the Department administrator/manager in advance.

     2. Marriage - Regular pay for three (3) working days absence in the event of 1199 CBU employee marriage. Such three (3) days must be taken consecutively. Note: Applies to CBU employees only.

     3. Jury Duty

a. All faculty and staff members who are required by subpoena or notice (not volunteered) to serve as jurors will receive their regular pay to a maximum of ten (10) days unless an extension has been authorized (see V.D.3.f below). The ten (10) day maximum is based on faculty and staff complying with the advance notice provision of V.C.3.b. above. If payment is made by the court, such payment must be submitted to the Cashier's Office. Reimbursement for Court recognized travel should not be submitted.

b. A subpoena or the notice to report for jury duty must be provided immediately to the Supervisor/Administrator. Failure to provide this notice will result in unauthorized absence(s) and forfeiture of pay for days claimed

c. Employees are required to report for work upon release from jury duty when one-half (1/2) day or more remain.

d. Employees on "on-call" or "stand-by" status must report to work until called.

e. If your absence from work during jury service is deemed to place undue hardship on your department, you may be asked by your Supervisor to request a deferral. All requests for deferrals should be made in writing to the Department Chairperson or Department Head with a copy to the Human Resources Department.

f. Any request for extension beyond the ten (10) days shall be submitted to the Assoc VP or Director of Human Resources and the Senior Associate Dean for HHC Affiliation employees. Vacation time may be required to supplement periods of jury service beyond ten (10) days.

      4. Voting in Local, State or National Elections (only for those eligible to vote)

a. If the polls are open four (4) consecutive hours before the start of work or after the workday ends, no time off will be granted.

b. When the polls are open less than four (4) consecutive hours before the start of work or after the workday ends, up to two (2) hours off work may be granted with pay.

c. If working time off is required to vote, the Supervisor/Administrator shall be notified not more than ten (10) nor less than two (2) working days before the day of election.

d. These regulations pertaining to voting also apply to temporary and per diem personnel.

       5. Military Service

a. All faculty and staff members will receive their regular pay less military pay for each work day (to a maximum of seventeen (17) calendar days) of service duty.

b. Upon receipt of payment from the military, such payment must be submitted to the Cashier's Office in Valhalla.

c. Reimbursement received for military travel should not be submitted.

d. Employees who choose to use vacation time during military service are not required to forfeit military pay.

e. For military service beyond seventeen (17) calendar days should be referred to the Assoc. VP of Human Resources.

f. A copy of the General Order must be provided to the Supervisor/Administrator. Failure to provide this order will result in an unauthorized absence and forfeiture of pay for the days claimed.

6. Education Leave

a. An employee may request education leave from the department head in order to attend a conference or seminar or to satisfy Continuing Medical Education requirements.

b. The employee would submit in writing a request to the department head for time off to attend the program, along with a copy of the information regarding the conference or seminar.

c. If education leave is approved, the time that the employee is excused from work in order to attend the conference or seminar would be recorded on the timesheet as Education Leave “E.”

d. Each department determines whether or not education leave can be granted and if conferences or seminars can be paid by the department, based on the schedules, educational leave policy and budget.

E. Fringe Benefit Status

Paid short-term leaves are not considered an interruption in College service. All benefits will be continued during a short-term leave of absence.


This policy shall be effective as of the date signed below.


A. Faculty/Employee

    1. Provide Supervisors as much advance notice of an absence as possible as defined in Section V.D. above.
    2. In the event of an emergency which causes a person to be absent without advance notice, the faculty/employee is required to notify his/her Supervisor or department administrator as soon as possible.
    3. Failure to make this notification is grounds for disciplinary action.

B. Supervisor/Administrator

    1. Communicate the short-term absence to whoever has a business reason to know of the absence and for ensuring that proper on-the-job coverage is maintained.
    2. Record absences on the Payroll Timesheet (PR-1) form (Affiliation time should be reported on the appropriate payroll form).

C. Human Resources Department – provide advice and guidance with respect to the interpretation and administration of this policy.


Responsible Officer: Vice President of Operations
Responsible Executive: Director of Human Resources
Responsible Office: Human Resources Department