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Food Services Policy

Dated: February 1, 2024
Supersedes: FOOD SERVICES POLICY, dated dated November 14, 2022
Last Review: February 1, 2024


To establish guidelines for food provision on the Valhalla campus and at New York Medical College (“NYMC” or the “College”) sponsored events which are respectful of the Jewish tradition.


It is the policy of the College to adhere to the Jewish dietary laws by preparing and serving only Glatt Kosher foods on the Valhalla Campus; all College-sponsored, public events whether on or off campus; and all events funded in any part by College Funds.


This Policy applies to all food service on the Valhalla Campus of the College (including 19 Skyline Drive); food offered at College-sponsored, public events whether on or off campus; and all events funded in any part by College Funds.

This policy does not apply to food brought onto the College campus for personal consumption that is not purchased with College funds and is not part of an event sponsored by the College.

Student living quarters in the College's Student Housing are exempt from the policy.

Affiliated hospital and independent faculty-practice funded events directly paid by hospitals, faculty practice entities or their individual members without reimbursement or contribution from College Funds are exempt from this policy provided there is clear indication that the event is not sponsored by the College and is not Kosher.


Approved Caterer are listed here.

College Funds includes all funds maintained by the College including hard or soft budget dollars, designated-purpose and grant funds.


A. On-Campus Food Sales

All food prepared or sold on the Valhalla campus, including the cafeteria and in vending machines will be Glatt Kosher. 

B. Common Areas

There are no restrictions on food brought by individuals into common areas of the campus, including the cafeteria. Regardless of ownership by the College or others, food equipment in offices or common spaces (including conference rooms, pantries and lounges) does not need to be maintained as kosher, provided that they are labeled to indicate that they are not under kosher supervision.

C. Catered Events

All food at any College or departmental event on-campus or off-campus sponsored by the College or paid for by College Funds must be Glatt Kosher. Unless otherwise approved by the Chancellor’s Office, event organizers must use an Approved Caterer.  All requests for on campus catering through the cafeteria must be approved by the Chief of Staff no less than two (2) weeks in advance of an event, orders for less than 10 individuals require one (1) week notice for approval, no exceptions.

D. Student Club Events

Food served at campus or school-specific student events must be Glatt Kosher. Small, routine, membership-only student club events are exempt from this requirement subject to the approval of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs Director of Student Financial Planning and Student Activities. However, as a courtesy to kosher-observant and other dietary-restricted students, provision of Kosher foods and/or utilization of an Approved Caterer to provide some, or all, of the event is encouraged.

E. NYMC Alumni Association Events

All official events of the NYMC Alumni Association are to serve only Glatt Kosher food and observe the restrictions of the Sabbath and Jewish Holidays.

F. College Business Meals

  1. Faculty and staff traveling on College business must adhere to the Travel Expense and Reimbursement Policy. Individual business meals are exempt from this policy as individual business travelers may choose kosher or non-kosher food based on personal preference.
  2. College organizers or hosts of group business meals are required to make an effort to be inclusive and not overtly or subtly pressure anyone to dine in a place that would compromise their Jewish religious observance. Therefore, whenever two or more people plan to dine together off-campus, the organizer must offer the option of dining in a venue that offers Glatt Kosher food. For faculty or staff recruitment meals, the prospective recruit should always be offered an opportunity to eat at a Glatt Kosher restaurant

G. Passover

Since kosher restrictions are more stringent during Passover, catering should be limited to exceptional cases, and must be authorized in advance by the Chancellor’s office. On-campus food service may close or limit offerings during Passover.

H. Exceptions

Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Chancellor’s office.


 The Policy is effective immediately.


Executive Stakeholder:           Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Oversight Office:                     Purchasing Department