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Policy On Fund Raising By Students Or Registered Student Organizations

Date: February 26, 2013
Supersedes: None


New York Medical College depends upon the ongoing and generous financial support it receives each year from alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff, friends of the College, local businesses, foundations, and other donors. The College's Office of Development and Alumni Affairs coordinates all the fundraising appeals to any College constituents: alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff, friends, local businesses, foundations, and corporations. The College, therefore, desires to make sure that all fundraising efforts complement and not compete with the College's efforts to secure financial support - whether for financial aid for our students, salaries for faculty and staff, etc. Consequently, the purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for fundraising activities of students and student organizations on behalf of charitable organizations, associations and causes.


It is the policy of New York Medical College to require prior written authorization by the Office of Student Affairs or appropriate Dean prior to any student or registered student organization undertaking a fund raising event for the benefit of a not-for-profit registered Charitable Organization, association or cause. Such event must also comply with all College policies and procedures. Nothing in this policy limits the ability of an individual to make personal contributions.


This policy applies to all students and student organizations on the Valhalla campus.


Fund raising - the collection of money or property through donations, sales and/or event programming for the purposes of organizational budget enhancement.

Charitable Organization - an entity recognized as exempt from federal income taxation under section 115 or section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended.

Donations- gifts, grants and/or contributions of money or property given to a Charitable Organization without any expectation of or receipt of direct economic benefit or any other tangible compensation.

Event Sponsor - the student or registered student organization responsible for obtaining the necessary documentation, implementing the fund raiser, complying with all College policies and procedures and ensuring that the Charitable Organization receives the event proceeds.


 A. Event Sponsors contemplating a fund raising event must:

  1. Complete a Request Form obtained from the Office of Student Affairs for the School of Medicine, the Dean of the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences or the Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Practice;
  2. The following guidelines are applicable to all fundraising activities by students or registered student organizations on College owned, leased, operated or controlled property:
    • The fundraising activity is required to offer a benefit to the College community that is consistent with the College's educational mission;
    • The purpose for which the funds will be raised must be consistent with the purpose of the student or registered student organization and the Code of Student Conduct and other applicable policies of the College;
    • The fundraising activity must not violate legal, tax, or corporate restraints upon the College;
    • An accounting of any funds raised must be provided to the Office of Student Affairs or the respective Dean by the student or registered student organization within five business days after the event;
    • The student or a currently enrolled student member(s) of the registered student organization must be present during the entire time of the event;
    • In the absence of an available exemption, the Event Sponsor is responsible for ensuring the collection, reporting, and payment of all applicable New York State Sales and Use Taxes;
    • Event sponsor is responsible for ensuring that proposed activities comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations;
    • Spaces in which the fundraising activity is occurring must be identified by a sign indicating the conducting entity's name, goods, and/or services being sold, and prices;
    • No individuals (regardless of affiliations with the College) nor private, commercial organizations may sell or promote the sale of products or services on College owned, leased, operated, or controlled property except for individuals or organizations with whom/which the College has either authorized or entered into a written contract or agreement to engage in the sales of goods or services;
    • Commercial or corporate sponsorship of programs or events is permissible provided that no products and/or services are sold at the event;
    • The Event Sponsor is responsible for all costs incurred in connection with the event, other than those borne, as applicable, by the Charitable Organization;
    • The College reserves the right to require third parties participating in or conducting fundraising activities to meet additional requirements, including without limitation, requirements that such parties furnish evidence of insurance coverage acceptable to the College's Vice President and General Counsel and/or agree to indemnify the College and its personnel against liabilities arising from their acts or omissions; and,
    • The College reserves the right to approve the identity of any proposed sponsor and the content of sponsorship materials associated with a fundraising activity.
  3. Attach to the Request Form the following documentation:
    • A Statement of Support on the Charitable Organization's letterhead acknowledging that the fund raising event will be for its benefit and the expected date of the receipt of donations;
    • Proof from the Charitable Organization that it is tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501(c) (3) through a certification or a copy of its tax-exempt determination letter. In the absence of this exemption, the Event Sponsor is responsible for the collection, reporting and payment of all applicable New York State Sales and Use Taxes.
    • Proof that the Charitable Organization is registered with the Secretary of State of the State of New York as a not-for-profit, charitable organization.
    • A detailed statement outlining the fund raising event, including the manner, proposed time, place of the event and any request for support from the College, e. tables, banners, or official College t-shirts.
  4. Once written approval has been obtained from the appropriate office, the Event Sponsor may post information on College bulletin boards and via the email system by using the "ANNOUCEMENTS" distribution group.
  5. Funds raised or property solicited should not be processed as gifts to the College; but should be made directly to the Charitable Organization.
  6. Use of College resources for the following activities is prohibited under this policy:
    • Fund raising on behalf of a for-profit business or organization;
    • Fund raising on behalf of or in opposition to any political campaign and/or candidate;
    • Raffles;
    • Fund raising for departmental social activities;
    • Sale or distribution of items bearing the College's logo or trademark.


Failure to obtain permission to engage in the fundraising activities within the scope of this policy, or failure to adhere to the conditions approving the fundraising activities will result in the curtailment and/or cancellation of the event by the Office of Student Affairs or respective Dean or other appropriate College official. In addition, further sanctions for violation of this policy by the Event Sponsor include, but are not limited to, fines and/or restitution, loss of the right to use College property or facilities for activities, loss of recognition for the registered student organizations, other disciplinary sanctions, and other educational sanctions appropriate to the circumstances.


This policy shall be effective as of the date signed below.


Event Sponsor - submit Request Form to appropriate office along with required documentation. Once approval is received, implement the fund raiser in accordance with this and other College policies and procedures.

Office of Student Affairs for the School of Medicine, the Dean of the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences and the Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Practice - review, approve and provide guidance with respect to the evaluation and implementation of fund raising events.


Responsible Officer:  The respective Deans of the College's constituent schools.

Responsible Executive: Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs/Dean of the Graduate School of Basic Medical Science/Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Practice