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Outside Contractors

Dated: February 16, 2016
Supersedes: SS.212 Outside Contractor Registration Procedure dated January 23, 2009


To establish guidelines for outside contractors to register with Security.


New York Medical College Security Department is responsible for insuring that all authorized outside contractors are:

  1. Authorized to perform work on campus each day.
  2. Registered with security and issued a visitor or contractor pass (unless previously issued an ID badge)
  3. Given access to spaces where they are authorized to perform work.
  4. Properly directed, escorted and/or accompanied as required.


This Policy applies to all outside contractors performing work or providing services at the Valhalla campus or 19 Skyline Drive.


Authorized Outside Contractor. Any building tradesperson, service or repair person, vendor or consultants who is authorized by any College Department to perform work inside or outside of a college building; who has registered with Security daily basis; and visibly displays the proper visitor or contractor identification (ID) badge. Authorized outside contractors may perform work on a daily, weekly, monthly, recurring or long-term basis. Typical authorized outside contractors include electricians, elevator repair, access and CCTV vendor, copier repair, engineering firms, environmental and chemical companies.

Unauthorized Outside Contractor. Any building tradesperson, service or repair person, consultant or vendor who is found to be performing work in or outside of a College building without proper authorization or who is not displaying the proper visitor or contractor pass or identification (ID) badge. An authorized outside contractor who performs work on an unscheduled date/time or in other than an authorized building, room or area is considered to be unauthorized. Any time a NYMC security officer observes or receives a report of an unauthorized outside contractor/s performing work on College property, they will advise the unauthorized outside contractor to stop work immediately and notify the Director or Associate Director of Security and if appropriate the Facilities or Environmental Health and Safety Departments. The unauthorized contactor is not to resume work until authorized by one of the aforementioned or others as required.


All work performed by authorized outside contractors, except for emergencies, must be prescheduled and have a contract in place. When an outside contractor presents at any NYMC door or security desk, security officers will obtain outside contractor name, company, number of contractors, and purpose of visit and college contact. During business hours, Security will confirm information with the College contact and direct the contractor to appropriate parking and then the BSB security office.

A. Have each contractor sign in the contractor or visitor log, issue a contractor or visitor pass to each person (unless they possess ID badge).

B. Instruct person/s to sign out with security upon the completion of work each day.

C. Direct person/s to await appropriate escort unless other arrangements have been made and are authorized by the Director or Associate Director of Security.

D. Notify Facilities if any authorized contractor is working on a system that involves the college’s major utilities, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC or fire alarms.

E. Obtain a completed "hot work" if required before placing a fire alarm system into the “offline” mode.


This policy shall be effective as of the date signed.


A. Departments

  1. Advise contractors of NYMC Emergency procedures.
  2. Notify Security if an authorized outside contractor will be working after business hours or on weekends.

B. Security

  1. Register authorized outside contractor.
  2. Follow up on any reports of unauthorized/unregistered contractors working on Valhalla campus or 19 Skyline Drive to register the contractors, as per policy.


Responsible Executive: Vice President of Operations
Responsible Officer: Director of Security
Responsible Office: Security