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Environmental Health Science Course Descriptions

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ENVM 5001 Environmental Influences on Human Health
ENVM 6001 Principles of Occupational Health
ENVM 6005 Industrial Hygiene
ENVM 6006 Public Health Engineering
ENVM 6009 Air Pollution
ENVM 6010 Principles of Food Safety and Hygiene
ENVM 6013 Safety Engineering and Occupational Health
ENVM 6014 Ergonomics
ENVM 6015 Safety Assessment and Monitoring
ENVM 6017 Pollution and Waste Management
ENVM 6018 Fundamentals of Toxicology
ENVM 6025 Environmental Epidemiology and Risk Assessment
ENVM 6026 Public Health and Water Quality
ENVM 6027 Environmental Law and Management
ENVM 6028 Radiation Hazards and Protection
ENVM 6029 Food Safety Policy
ENVM 6030 Food, Bugs, and Poisons - The Science of Food Safety
ENVM 6041 Genetic and Environmental Factors in Human Disease
ENVM 6042 Public Health Risk Assessment
ENVM 6043 Environmental Health Policy
ENVM 6044 Exposure Assessment and Monitoring Metrics.
ENVM 6045 Industrial Toxicology
ENVM 6047 Molecular Basis of Environmental and Occupational Health
ENVM 6048 Children and the Environment
ENVM 6092 Seminar in Environmental Health Science
ENVM 7090 Field Experience in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
ENVM 7091 Directed Research in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
ENVM 7093 Tutorial in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
ENVM 7094 Thesis
ENVM 7096 Environmental Health Capstone
CHSM 7098 Environmental Health Comprehensive Examination
EPRM 6016 Fundamentals of Emergency Preparedness
EPRM 6017 Emergency Preparedness for Acts of Terrorism
EPRM 6018 Emergency Preparedness for Natural Disasters and Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
EPRM 6019 Public Health Emergency Preparedness
EPRM 7092 Seminar in Applied Emergency Preparedness
EPRM 6048 Emergency Preparedness Graduate Certificate Comprehensive Examination