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Student Organizations

Participating in student organizations is a great way to meet friends, engage in fun and worthwhile activities, complement your academic work and build leadership skills – all of which will benefit you throughout your career.

Our many student clubs and organizations are organized into five categories:

  • Career Interest: approximately two dozen clubs for students interested in specialty areas such as anesthesiology, cardiology, emergency medicine, ethics, family medicine, infectious disease, oncology, pediatrics, neurology and radiology.
  • Community Servicea variety of opportunities to be involved in the local community by volunteering at hospitals, shelters and clinics; delivering tobacco-awareness programs in local middle and high schools; and staffing the annual Community Health Fair. 
  • Cultural and Religiousinterest groups providing connection and programming for Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Asian-Pacific, Chinese, Latino and South Asian students. 
  • National Organizations: : campus chapters of such important professional groups as Alpha Omega Alpha, American Medical Student Association, American Medical Women’s Association, Physicians for a National Health Program and many others. 
  • Social and Recreational: nearly two dozen recreational, fitness and other clubs, including the Art Club, the Arrhythmias a cappella group, Camping Club, Climbing Club, Cycling Club, Flag Football, Intramural Basketball League, Student Senate, Ballroom Dance Club and Wine Club of NYMC.

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Other Ways to Get Involved

  • Student Government:
    • The SOM Student Senate helps create solutions that will ensure the success and holistic wellness of the entire New York Medical College Community. 
    • The SHSP Student Healthcare Executives help prepare tomorrow’s public health leaders to preserve, protect, and improve the health of individuals, families and communities through education, investigation, practice and service.
    • The GSBMS Graduate Student Association solidifies a mutually beneficial relationship between the graduate student body and the college community.
  • Student Honor Societies: At NYMC honor society chapters for medical students, public health and other allied health professions, exists for the enrichment of the academic experience.

For additional information on any of our clubs or student activities, please contact the dean of student activities at (914) 594-4491. Also, check out the NYMC e-newsletter, InTouch, distributed to all students, faculty and staff, published during the academic year. for announcements of upcoming activities and other news of importance to members of the NYMC community.