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Student Organizations

Participating in student organizations is a great way to meet friends, engage in fun and worthwhile activities, complement your academic work and build leadership skills – all of which will benefit you throughout your career.

Our many student clubs and organizations are organized into five categories:

  • Career Interest: approximately two dozen clubs for students interested in specialty areas such as anesthesiology, cardiology, emergency medicine, ethics, family medicine, infectious disease, oncology, pediatrics, neurology and radiology.
  • Community Servicea variety of opportunities to be involved in the local community by volunteering at hospitals, shelters and clinics; delivering tobacco-awareness programs in local middle and high schools; and staffing the annual Community Health Fair. 
  • Cultural and Religiousinterest groups providing connection and programming for Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Asian-Pacific, Chinese, Latino and South Asian students. 
  • National Organizations: : campus chapters of such important professional groups as Alpha Omega Alpha, American Medical Student Association, American Medical Women’s Association, American Physician Scientists Association, Physicians for a National Health Program and many others. 
  • Social and Recreational: nearly two dozen recreational, fitness and other clubs, including the Art Club, the Arrhythmias a cappella group, Camping Club, Climbing Club, Cycling Club, Flag Football, Intramural Basketball League, Student Senate, Ballroom Dance Club and Wine Club of NYMC.

Other Ways to Get Involved

  • Student Government:
    • The SOM Student Senate helps create solutions that will ensure the success and holistic wellness of the entire New York Medical College Community. 
    • The SHSP Student Healthcare Executives help prepare tomorrow’s public health leaders to preserve, protect, and improve the health of individuals, families and communities through education, investigation, practice and service.
    • The GSBMS Graduate Student Association solidifies a mutually beneficial relationship between the graduate student body and the college community.
  • SOM Student-2-Student Network: A student-led outreach program that offers accepted SOM candidates several ways to learn more about NYMC—from a peer perspective—as they contemplate matriculating to NYMC. The initiative offers three programs through which accepted students can make valuable connections.
  • Student Honor Societies: At NYMC honor society chapters for medical students, public health and other allied health professions, exists for the enrichment of the academic experience.


View a listing of NYMC Student Clubs for 2021-2022.


For additional information on any of our clubs or student activities, please contact the dean of student activities at (914) 594-4491. Also, check out the NYMC e-newsletter, InTouch, distributed to all students, faculty and staff, published during the academic year. for announcements of upcoming activities and other news of importance to members of the NYMC community.