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Student Life

Student LifeStudent life at NYMC comprises a rich mix of experiences based on our location, our culture and our offerings. We offer a wide range of opportunities to be involved with the local community, join a broad range of student organizations and participate in campus and local events, as well as live comfortably, dine well, stay fit and most of all, have fun. We encourage you to be involved in as many activities as possible – be they social, recreational, religious/spiritual or athletic – as they complement your academic experiences and help to assuage stress.

For our students to learn, practice and deliver care to others—now and in the future—they need to be at the top of their own games: physically, mentally and emotionally. NYMC offer services and support to keep our students feeling their best, inside and out.

Academic Support

The purpose of academic support is to foster a better learning environment for and provide resources to all students. Programs are designed to help students study more effectively and become more self-sufficient and proactive in their learning. For more information, visit the College's Office of Academic Excellence.


Exercising body and mind. Physical exercise and activity keeps you strong and balanced and, at its best, is fun and rejuvenating as well. NYMC offers plenty of options—on-campus and nearby—for staying fit and active.   

The Dr. Edward F. and Mrs. Anna M. Asprinio Fitness Center is located on the ground floor of 19 Skyline Drive and will be open daily from 5:00 a.m. to midnight. The Fitness Center is a free facility open to members of the NYMC student body. Please note: an NYMC ID card is required to access the facility. A building security guard is on duty each weekday and both the building and fitness center are video monitored by security 24/7.

Intramural Sports

‌NYMC students are encouraged to be collaborative, not competitive, with each other academically, but when it comes to intramural sports, the heat is on! Team pride is fueled by a desire to have fun, relieve stress and prove one’s mettle in exciting and enjoyable athletic activities. Our Flag Football League attracts about 150 students – both men and women – and features regular season and playoff games, a Super Bowl, and the annual PowderPuff Game, in which first-year women challenge second-year women, with men providing the halftime entertainment. The Intramural Basketball League typically fields up to 10 teams of eight to ten students each, including medical, part-time and graduate students. Games are held both indoors and outdoors from November to March, and the season concludes with a playoff and an all-star game.

In addition to these sports, students can join any of a number of athletic clubs on campus, which offer spirited competition and the chance to challenge oneself in such varied activities as camping, climbing, cycling, soccer, running, table tennis, volleyball and ultimate Frisbee. And if there’s a sport or activity that we don’t currently offer, you can apply to create a new club or team, subject to approval.

Where to Walk

The NYMC Running Club uses Strava—a mobile- and web-based app—to track runs and identify routes on campus. Among other options, the Club has mapped out a 0.4 Mile Hospital Loop, a 2.1 Mile Campus Loop and a 3.1 Mile (5K) Campus Route.

Hospital Loop


Campus Loop


5‌k Campus Route

For shorter distances and to navigate through campus, NYMC has walkways and sidewalk paths including the Dana Road, Walkway, and Skyline Routes.

Route 1: Walkway

      Route 2: Dana Road

      Route 3: Skyline Drive

Additionally, within a 10-minute drive from NYMC, there are numerous other running and walking options, many quite beautiful.

Physical Health

Being a student isn’t easy: long hours, hectic schedule, heightened exposure to illness, a lot of running around. Start by taking great care of yourself. NYMC offers complete health services to all of our students.

Mental Health

Maintaining balance and stability. Mental Health is a state of psychological and emotional well-being. And it’s a key partner to physical health. At NYMC, students are encouraged to use the services of the College's Office of Student Mental Health and Wellness—just as you might use a gym—to keep yourself mentally and emotionally fit for the joys and challenges of academic life and beyond. In addition to our mental health and wellness and counseling services, NYMC offers classes and tools to help students stay balanced and centered.


Campus dining prioritizes health-conscious meal options, accommodating various dietary needs such as food allergies, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian preferences. The Doc's Café and food marts are Glatt Kosher under the supervision of the Orthodox Union's Kashruth Division. For hours, locations, and catering services, visit food services.


Shop NYMC merchandise and apparel through the official NYMC online shop. With a wide selection of products ranging from t-shirts and sweats to tech gadgets and eco-friendly gifts, you're bound to find something perfect for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for others.


Cultivating community and connection. Social health is an important part of overall wellness and happiness and is a key element for offering compassion and care to others. NYMC works hard to foster an environment of community—with events, clubs, community outreach and activities—to add dimension and fun to the rigors of academic life.


Nourishing the soul. Spirituality is a very individual pursuit. At NYMC, we encourage students to take time for reflection and transcendence beyond the immediate here and now. For students who practice religions of particular denominations, the campus and community offer a broad selection of worship services.  

At NYMC there are Jewish services as well as Islamic worship services. There is designated space on campus set aside for daily Islamic worship services. Please contact Afsar Mohiuddin at (914) 594-3174. There is also designated Jewish services space on campus for Shacharit services, Mincha and Ma'ariv. To confirm times and dates, contact Sammy Gelnick.

There are many churches, mosques and synagogues in the surrounding area with a broad selection of available worship services. Please contact Vilma Bordonaro@nymc.edu for information and details related to your specific interest.