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Health Insurance

Enrolled Students- Access your ID Card

Your United Health Care insurance card is available by logging into your United Healthcare Student Resource account at the below link: https://www.uhcsr.com/

All NYMC students who are enrolled in the School of Medicine, DPT Program, SLP Program, CLS Program, BMS Accelerated Program, Dental Linker Program, PhD Program and full time GSBMS students.

Just a reminder that you are required to have active insurance coverage at all times as a student attending NYMC.   Many of you are enrolled in the NYMC Student Health Plan through United Health Care Student Resources (UHCSR). For those of you who initially waived the insurance and would now like to enroll in the plan or for those of you who are in the plan and have obtained other insurance since the start of the school year and would like to waive out of the plan you may do so from December 15, 2019 – January 15, 2020. To be eligible to waive your insurance coverage must already be in effect and verifiable through your insurance carrier.  If you have selected an insurance plan that does not take effect until January 1, 2020 you will remain enrolled in the NYMC Student Health Insurance plan until your coverage can be verified.  If we are unable to verify that your coverage is active as of January 1, 2020  and meets the requirements set forth by NYMC by January 15, 2020, you will remain enrolled in the NYMC student insurance plan for the 2020 Spring Semester.

For enrollment or to waive the NYMC student insurance plan please follow the link below and click the “ENROLL” or “WAIVER” tab from the home page.


Those already enrolled in the NYMC student insurance plan who wish to continue or for those that have waived the school plan and have not changed their own plan, you do not need to go through the enrollment or waiver procedure again for the Spring Semester.

Students who applied for a waiver and had it denied should not reattempt to waiver the NYMC Student Health Policy if they have the same insurance.

Remember, once you waive you will need an involuntary loss of coverage to enroll in the student health plan after the annual open enrollment period has ended.  If you find that the NYMC plan better meets your medical and financial needs than your current plan, voluntary termination does not make you eligible for enrollment after the annual enrollment period has ended.

HSA Consulting, Inc. is the group administrator for the student health plan and will verify the waiver information to ensure all students are currently, and remain, in compliance with NYMC’s health insurance requirements.  All information submitted is confidential and utilized for verification of health insurance only.

Please feel free to contact Karin Swanson (karin@hsac.com) for enrollment questions or Rose Brown (rose@hsac.com) for waiver questions.  You may also contact HSA Consulting, Inc., at 888-978-8355 with any questions regarding the waiver/enrollment process or the student health plan.  Be sure to identify yourself as a NYMC Student.