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Vermont SIRI MSDS Archive - Site One http://hazard.com/msds/
SIRI MSDS Collection:
School of Veterinary Medicine,
University of California, Davis
SIRI MSDS collection - Florida site http://siri.org/msds/index.php


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NYMC School of Medicine CrisisManager app

In 2015, the School of Medicine (SoM) implemented SchoolDude's “CrisisManager” smartphone app in order to ensure that SoM students always have access to the latest information on campus safety and security, contact information, emergency response, and one step documentation and/or reporting of incidents. This initiative was developed as a result of the Independent Student Analysis as part of the LCME Accreditation Process and efforts of the Educational Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP) team.  

    • Can’t remember the phone number for Security?  Use the one-touch button in the app!
    • Need to report a needlestick to Health Services?  Use the incident report in the app!
    • Need info on or contact numbers for Student Mental Health & Wellness?  It’s in the app!
    • Can’t remember what it means to shelter-in-place?  The app knows! 

Please be sure to download the CrisisManager App and the NYMC SoM Student Plan such that you always have access to the latest security and emergency preparedness information, as well as access to "in-app" incident reporting, communication links and important information that may be sent via push notifications. If you have already downloaded the plan, please make sure that you update to the latest plan, as updates have been made recently.   

How to Download the SchoolDude “CrisisManager” App and the NYMC SoM Student Plan

  1. Go to the App Store (for Apple devices) or “Google Play” (for Android devices):Search “Apps” for SchoolDudeCrisisManager
    • Download app onto device (This is a free app!) 
  1. After downloading and opening the CrisisManager app:
    • When it the pop-up window says “CrisisManager Would Like to Send You Notifications;” select “OK” (NYMC will sometimes use push notifications to make important announcements).
    • You can either create an account with your name and email OR continue as a guest. 
  1. In the field “Find Crisis Plan by Keyword,” search available plans using the keyword “NYMC”At the “Password is needed” prompt, enter the password: 1860
    • Download “NYMC School of Medicine Student Plan”
    • As always, please feel free to contact Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) or Campus Security with any questions or concerns; we are proud to be part of the team that keeps you safe.