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The Budgets and Costs team is responsible for the creation, implementation, and maintenance of hard dollar budgets as well as informational databases and models relating to budgetary and operational matters associated with the College. This responsibility includes monitoring expenditures against hard dollar budgets as well as projecting resources and analyzing spending patterns on an ongoing basis in order to make recommendations to senior management. This unit provides analytical and support services to the Vice President of Financial Operations. It also plays as key role in the preparation the College's facilities and administrative cost proposal. 

The team reviews and monitors expense activity to ensure that College resources are allocated appropriately and makes recommendations to senior management with respect to year-end balancing and long-term planning. It provides advisory services and acts as a liaison with other College offices such as Human Resources, Controller’s Office, Campus Operations, Development, etc., as well as with the three schools of the College (SOM, SHSP, and GSBMS).

Online & Classroom Training Sessions

In addition to quarterly administrators’ meetings, the Budget Office and Academic Administration Department, will offer periodic online (webcast) and classroom training opportunities to administrators, faculty and staff on the following topics:

  • How to read monthly budget reports
  • How to use OFRiT (Online Financial Reporting Tool)
  • How to fill out vendor payment and reimbursement requests forms 

To register please complete this Training Registration Form and email the completed form to Padraic_Reynolds@nymc.edu.


Bonnie Gurran-Heindl
Chief Budget Officer
Email: Bonnie_Heindl@nymc.edu
Phone: (914) 594-2844

Staff Members Title Phone Number/Fax Duties

Liz Doyle 

Budget Administrator

Phone: (914) 594-2845

Responsible for providing administrative and budget support to the Budget Office team.


Kristen Scelsa

Budget Manager

Phone: (914) 594-2846 

Responsible for managing Hard Dollar Budgets specializing in: SOM, Library Collections and Student Housing. Provides guidance and support on all budgetary and financial matters, analyzing departmental spending patterns and approving all operating and capital expenditure requests.

Jessica Smith

Budget Manager

Phone: (914) 594-2842


Responsible for providing analytic guidance and support and on all budgetary matters specializing in: GSBMS, SHSP and Central Administration.