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Notable Female Figures

Since 1860, New York Medical College (NYMC) has trained generations of students to deliver skilled and compassionate medical care. Rooted in this 157-year history is a legacy of inclusion and diversity. NYMC has always championed women and minority students, graduating many notable “firsts,” including the first male African American physician in the U.S., and the first female African American physician in New York State. Many more NYMC faculty and alumni have made significant and lasting contributions to the field of medical education, the practice of clinical medicine, and the improvement of communities they have served.

We’ve highlighted the achievements of pioneering women from NYMC. From those who helped to break gender barriers, to internationally regarded thought-leaders and groundbreaking physicians and researchers, learn more about NYMC’s leaders in medicine here.


  Amy Ansehl, R.N., D.N.P., FNP-BC
Community health leader
School of Health Sciences and Practice associate dean and associate professor, Division of Environmental Health Sciences, Department of Public Health
Elisabeth Bing  

Elizabeth Bing, M.D., (1914-2015)
Natural childbirth pioneer and co-founder of Lamaze International
Clinical assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology

Geraldine Burton Branch, M.D. '36     Geraldine Burton Branch, M.D. '1936, (1908-2016)
Distinguished physician, educator and public health professional
Doris J. Bucher, Ph.D. headshot   Doris J. Bucher, Ph.D.
Expert flu researcher
Former Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology
    Anna Drakontides, Ph.D., (1933-2016)
Professor emeritus of cell biology and anatomy
Janet P. Dolot, P.T., D.P.T., Dr.P.H.’14, OCS   Janet Dolot, M.S., D.P.T., Dr.P.H. ’14, PT, OCS
Physical therapist public health practitioner 
Assistant professor of physical therapy


Rita F. Girolamo, M.D. '51, (1927-2007)
Radiologist, student supporter and leader
Professor emeritus of radiology



Johanna Hagedoorn, Ph.D., (1921-2009)
Holocaust Rescuer/Chasidah
First female dean of GSBMS
Professor of anatomy

  Nasreen S. Haque, Ph.D.
Medical researcher
Assistant professor of pathology


Phyllis Harrison-Ross, M.D., (1936-2017)
Mental health pioneer
Professor emeritus of psychiatry and behavioral sciences
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Catherine N. Hinterbuchner, M.D., (1927-2015)
College’s first female chair of a clinical department
Professor emeritus of rehabilitation medicine 
Marina Kaufman Holz, Ph.D.   Marina K. Holz, Ph.D.
Breast cancer researcher and academic leader
Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 
  Myra Adele Logan, M.S., M.D. '1933, (1908-1977)
First woman to perform open heart surgery and was among the earliest Black women to be elected to the American College of Surgeons; first recipient of the Walter Gray Crump Scholarship for Young Women

Clemence Sophia Harned Lozier, M.D. , (1813-1888)
Founder and dean, New York Medical College and Hospital for Women‌

  Dana Mordue, Ph.D.
Vice chancellor for middle states accreditation and associate professor of microbiology and immunology
Padmini Murthy   Padmini Murthy, M.D., M.P.H., M.S., FAMWA, FRSPH
International health advocate
Global Health Director and Professor, Division of Health Policy and Management, Department of Public Health
Susan Rachlin, M.D.   Susan Rachlin, M.D., FACR
Clinical radiologist
School of Medicine senior associate dean for student affairs and associate professor of clinical radiology 
  Margaret D. Smith, M.D., (1939–2010)
School of Medicine senior associate dean and professor of clinical medicine
  Sheila M. Smythe, M.S., (1932-2003)
Public health leader
Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Executive Vice President
  Susan Smith McKinney Steward, M.D. '1870, (1847-1918)
First African-American female to earn a medical degree in New York state
  Emily Howard Jennings Stowe, M.D. '1867 (1831-1903)
First Canadian female to graduate with an M.D.

Jane Cooke Wright, M.D. '1945, (1919-2013)
Leader in anti-cancer treatments
First woman to be elected president of the New York Cancer Society.
First African-American women to be named associate dean of a nationally recognized medical institution. At the time, was the highest ranking African American woman at a U.S. medical school in 1967.

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