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Medicine Linkage Program

NYMC School of Medicine Linkage Program with Associated Medical Schools of New York (AMSNY) Post Baccalaureate Master’s Programs

NYMC School of Medicine (SOM) has participated in this AMSNY Master’s linkage program since its inception in the 2009-2010 application-cycle with the specific goal of enhancing the preparation and recruitment of its school-identified groups underrepresented in medicine.  The program is structured to help participants:

  • gain foundational knowledge and nomenclature that will prepare them for the rigors of medical school
  • identify and adopt study approaches that will allow for the development of successful time management skills and for maximizing the effectiveness of their studying
  • develop critical thinking and skills needed to become a self-directed learner and successful medical student

Students who achieve pre-established academic benchmarks in the Master’s program are offered linkage acceptance to the NYMC-SOM without having to re-apply.  Preference is given to New York State residents.  Students enrolled in this linkage program are also eligible for a stipend that partially supports students in a participating 1-year Master’s program or in the 2nd year of a 2-year participating Master’s program. 

There are two linkage pathways for this program:

(1) Eligible candidates are identified by Committee on Admissions during the admissions process as applicants who demonstrate strong potential to be successful physicians but would benefit from the additional upper-level science academic preparation.

Qualifying students are referred to one of three participating Master's programs:

i.   New York Medical College - Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences 2-year Master's Program

ii.   Stony Brook University School of Medicine - Physiology and Biophysics 1-year Master's Program

iii.  SUNY Upstate Medical University - Medical Scholars 2-year Master's Program

(2) The NYMC Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences offers seven distinct 2-year Master’s programs.  Students who are members of school-identified diversity groups already enrolled in one of these Master’s program may be internally identified as an AMSNY-supported linkage candidate. MCAT scores must be provided to be considered for this program.


Victor Garcia, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
Email: Victor_Garcia@nymc.edu