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Grasslands II

Grasslands II are furnished, suite-style apartments. Furnishing includes living room furniture, a couch, a loveseat, a coffee table, end table and a kitchen table with 4 chairs. Each bedroom provides a twin-XL bed, a dresser, a desk with a hutch and a desk chair. All kitchens are equipped with appliances, including a microwave, oven/stove and refrigerator. Shower curtains are also included. Units do not have central air, so please see information regarding A/C units. All apartments include heat. 


Click the photo to see a 360 degree view of a Grasslands II apartment.

The provided furniture has been updated since these photos were taken.


Apartment Sizes:***

Each bedroom = 9’x14’= 126 sq. ft.
‌Living Room: 220 sq. ft.
Kitchen: 60 sq. ft.
Bathrooms: 40 sq. ft.

The following 3 bedroom apartments have a ½ bath in bedroom 3:

1504, 1404, 1304, 1204 & 1104; all other furnished, three bedroom apartments have two full bathrooms.

4 bedroom apartments:

Rooms 1 & 2 on the same side of apartment
Rooms 3 & 4 on the other side of apartment

***All square footage is approximate and will vary upon exact unit, some corner bedrooms are not exactly square as shown in the drawing below.  Please do not ask if this applies to the room you are assigned to.


2024-2025 Apartment Rates*

Grasslands II - Suite-style Buildings 

Single Students (Cost Per Student Per Month)
Grasslands II Four Bed Share (All Bedrooms) $988.00
Grasslands II Three Bed Share $1013.00
Grasslands II Three Bed Share w/1/2 bath (Bedroom 3) $1,085.00

Cable Internet & Laundry fee (CIL) Fee For all Students Per Semester per bedroom $350.00.  

*Rates are subject to change 2.5% annually*


Student Housing Bedroom  


The 4 bedroom outline above shows the furniture that is currently in all rooms. All NYMC furniture is not allowed to leave the apartment at any time throughout the year. The bedrooms are not always in the order they appear in the photo above. There is a balcony off of the living room. Some corner rooms are not square as they are shown above. All rooms are about 9 feet by 14 feet. Students are allowed to bring their own beds (full sized) but they cannot remove NYMC provided beds.