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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  1. All students who are enrolled full-time at New York Medical College are eligible to live in Student Housing. Housing is not guaranteed, and we have a certain number of bed spaces allocated to each program. Married students may request housing for themselves and their dependent or spouse. Copies of marriage certificates will be asked for submission of the housing application.

  2. Incoming first year medical students will receive housing information through the Medical School Admissions Office in May. Students in the School of Basic Medical Sciences should download the application and submit it once they have been accepted into the school. Students in the Speech Language Pathology Program and Doctorate of Physical Therapy Programs will receive information from the Office of Student & Residential Life. Masters of Public Health students should download the application and submit it once they have been accepted to the School of Health Science and Practice. Applications are processed in the order of the date they are received. You should submit your application as early as possible. Applications will not be processed without a check or money order. Current students can apply for housing through our housing Lottery which occurs each spring. Students will receive information regarding the housing lottery system in March.

  3. We are in the process of implementing a new application process. You will receive an official email with instructions when we are accepting new applications.

  4. Short term housing is not available at this time. Students are permitted to sublet to other NYMC students.

  5. No, the $500 application fee is not refundable. Please refer to the Student & Residence Life Policy Handbook for the full cancellation policy. The policy handbook can be found here: Housing Policy Handbook

  6. Once we receive your housing application you will receive a confirmation email from the Office of Student & Residential Life confirming receipt of your application and we will indicate in this email when you should expect your housing assignment.

    We know you are anxious to get this information and we work diligently to produce it as soon as we can. Please recognize that during the summer there are many items we have to make certain are correct before sending out the first-year room assignments.

    The different programs offered at New York Medical College begin at different times throughout the spring, summer and fall. Below is a general idea of when you should expect your assignment.

    First Year Medical Students: Late June- Mid July
    Accelerated Medical Sciences Program Students: Late June – Mid July
    First Year DPT Students: Early May
    First Year SLP Students: August
    First Year BMS Students: July
    First Year MPH Students: August

  7. All room assignments and roommate placements are based on the information provided on your housing application. We do our best to accommodate everyone's housing preferences first, then we match you with compatible roommate(s) accordingly. Roommate requests are offered, but are not guaranteed. To increase the chances of roommate pairing, it is recommended that both applicants include their preferred roommate's name on their housing applications, and submit the applications within a one week time frame.

  8. Your move in date will be sent to you when you receive your housing assignment and roommate information. First year medical students will move-in the Thursday and Friday prior to orientation. First year students in all other programs will typically move in the Friday prior to the start of their orientation. We will send out your specific day and time with your housing agreements and assignments via your student email.

  9. All housing students, with the exception of those students receiving military benefits, and BMS Ph.D. student will be billed on a semester basis for housing and telecommunication fees. You should expect to receive two invoices from the Office of the Bursar prior to your arrival, typically the first invoice will not include housing charges.

  10. You can view general floor plans of the apartments by below:

    Apartments sizes vary, but general dimensions could be found here.

  11. Jr. I bedroom apartments have a queen size bed*, five drawer dresser, desk, sofa, coffee table, kitchen table and chairs, stove, refrigerator, microwave and window shades. There is a closet in each bedroom. There are no dishes, linens, pots, or pans. Furnishings may vary according to the size of the apartment. Lamps are not provided in any of the units. It's important to bring lighting upon moving in.

  12. In Grasslands II, each bedroom has an extra-long twin bed*, dresser, and desk with a light and a hutch. There is a closet in each bedroom as well. Most common areas also include a sofa, love seat, end tables, coffee table, chairs, kitchen table and chairs, stove, refrigerator, microwave, and window shades. There are no dishes, linens, pots, or pans. There is a closet in each bedroom. Furnishings may vary according to the size of the apartment. Lamps are not provided, it's important to bring lighting with you upon moving in.

  13. Unfurnished apartments include a stove, refrigerator, microwave and window shades. There is a closet in each bedroom, lamps are not provided, you should bring a lamp upon moving in.

  14. Our Security department is responsible for assigning on campus parking. You will receive your parking permit and access to one of the gated parking lots within a few days of moving in. Upon moving in, security will provide you with a temporary parking pass that you can place on your windshield until you receive the permanent sticker and ID card.

  15. You will receive your student ID card within the first few days of your arrival. This is built into the orientation schedule for first year students.

  16. There are two laundry rooms located on campus. The Grasslands I laundry room is located adjacent to the superintendent's office (apt 511). You will need your student ID to access the laundry area. There is also a laundry room located in the Student Center.

  17. You will be directed as to where you can park temporarily to unload.

  18. It is encouraged that all apartment mates meet at the beginning of their occupancy term in order to establish expectations and guidelines for the apartment. The Office of Student & Residential Life expects students to learn to live with one another and deal with conflict in a mature manner. Our staff is available to assist after students have spoken with roommates on their own.

    Room changes are approved at the discretion of the Office of Student & Residential Life for extenuating circumstances and can only occur if space is available.

  19. Your mailing address will be your apartment number in campus housing. There is no need to include "New York Medical College" or "Grasslands Housing" in your address.

    Student's Name
    Your Apartment # Old Farm Road
    Valhalla, NY 10595

  20. NYMC will not accept packages or mail for students who have not yet formally checked into their apartment. If you would like to ship mail or packages to your apartment prior to your arrival, you must ensure that you will be moved in by the time it arrives or it will be returned to sender.

  21. For a complete list of what to bring and what not to bring, visit the checklist information in the "new to housing" section.


  22. The only pets allowed in the residence halls are fish. There is a maximum tank size of 10 gallons permitted.

  23. No. Because of the risk of fire, burning of candles and incense are not allowed in your room or in your apartment.

  24. Weeknights (Sunday- Thursday) 11:00pm-7:00am
    Weekend night (Friday- Saturday) 1:30am-7:00am

*U.S. Bed sizes: X-Long Twin – 39 x 80 inches (99 x 203 cm) Queen – 60 x 80 inches (or 153 x 203 cm)