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Living in New York


For information on the location of the Valhalla campus, transportation, and nearby lodging, visit the Location webpage.

Bank Account

To open an account, take your passport, I-20, NYMC ID Card, an enrollment verification (you must first add your US address to TouroOne Portal and register for classes before obtaining the enrollment verification), and cash or check to deposit. 

A checking account allows you to deposit and withdraw money. By contrast, a savings account is used to deposit money and cannot be used to spend money directly; it provides a modest interest.

A debit card is a cash alternative. It withdraws funds directly from your checking account. 

Credit card companies generally require a Social Security number for background checks. The following credit card companies will likely process applications without a Social Security number. Please note that card approval is not guaranteed.

Driver’s License

A driver's license is required to operate an automobile anywhere in the US.   We suggest you also have an International Driver Permit. You must apply for one in your home country before coming to the US. 

Photo ID card

It is a good idea not to carry around your passport.  If you lose it, you lose the passport and the visa stamp inside.   You can apply for a non-driver photo ID card from the New Jersey MVC or New York DMV. A non-driver photo ID may be helpful as proof of identity for renting an apartment, gaining entry to certain venues, or applying for credit. You must have a US Social Security card or a letter from the US Social Security Administration stating you are ineligible for an SSN in order to apply.

If you live in New York City, you are also eligible for New York City ID card.