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Degree Works – Degree Auditing Tool

Degree Works is a web-based program that enables a student or advisor to easily track academic progress. This tool will show how specific College requirements have been met and what courses can fulfill the requirements that are remaining. Some of the benefits of Degree Works include:

  • Helps easily monitor academic progress and what requirements are needed to fulfill degree or certificate completion.
  • Displays the fastest and best path to graduation that exists for your degree and your interests. 
  • Allows you to estimate the number of semesters it will take to graduate, and to view your grades and GPA.

Courses taken outside of your degree requirements must be approved by your advisor or Dean.  Such courses will not count towards the completion of your degree and may impact your financial aid eligibility.

Degree Works can be accessed through TouroOne portal via the Academic Tab.  If you think a requirement is incorrect, please contact registrar@nymc.edu.