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Official Transcripts

An official transcript of your New York Medical College academic record will be released with student authorization. Transcript requests must be made through our 3rd party servicer, Parchment.  Current students can access the link through the TouroOne Portal. We do not offer electronic transcripts at this time. 

Touro College Dental Medicine students may request their official transcripts by contacting the Touro College. Click here for the link.  

To request an official transcript:

  • Click here, to place an order on the Parchment website
  • Click on the “Create Account” button to create a new account, or sign in with your email and password
  • Sign the FERPA Consent Form and confirm the address where you would like your transcript sent
  • To include attachments with your transcript, upload this on the Order Options panel

You can upload your signed, scanned request for any of the following:

  • MSPE/Dean’s Letter: Please be advised that MSPE’s/Dean’s Letters cannot be sent to the student; they must go directly to the third party. 
  • Diploma Certification: upload a copy of your diploma for us to certify
  • Licensure or Third Party Forms: upload a copy of the form, with a signed release statement (either within the form itself or as an addendum)

VSLO Requests:

  • Request your transcript to be uploaded no more than 7 days BEFORE you submit your VSLO application. 
  • Your requested transcript cannot be uploaded UNTIL you submit your application in VSLO. 
  • Transcripts must be requested at: http://www.nymc.edu/current-students/student-services/registrar/transcripts/.
  • In the transcript ordering select “current student pickup”, type “VSLO” in the directions.
  • Your transcript will be upload directly into VSLO.  This is a one-time process and charge.
  •  If a Host Institution requires an updated transcript (after it was uploaded), the Host Institution will need to request a resubmission in VSLO.

MIDUS Requests:

Graduates applying for Fellowship through ERAS must utilize the MIDUS system. 

  • Please enter Eileen Romero as the contact person with Registrar as the title.
  • Please enter Registrar@nymc.edu as the contact e-mail in MIDUS, which will send us a link to directly upload the document.
  • You will need to submit two separate requests; one for the transcript and one for the MSPE.
  • You must contact letter writers directly for uploading other letters of recommendation. 

Please be advised that MSPE’s/Dean’s Letters cannot be sent to a graduate, and must go directly to the third party.  There are no fees charged for MIDUS requests.

Delivery options:

  • Mail to a 3rd party (including other schools, employers, etc.)
  • Pick up from our office
    • If you are picking up the transcript, or having it mailed directly to you, the document will be in a sealed envelope marked “Issued to Student.” 
  • Transcripts may not be faxed or emailed.


  • All fees must be paid by credit card
  • Current Students: $5
  • Former Students: $10 per transcript

Turnaround Time:

  • Ready for mailing or pickup 1 week following receipt of request. Please allow for more time during our holiday periods.
  • Fed ex delivery is available for an additional fee

Click here to view NYMC’s Official Transcript Key