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Grants/Restricted Funds

The Restricted Funds team, under the guidance of the director, is responsible for overseeing special funds accounting activities to ensure compliance with accounting principles and U.S. federal/agency regulations; and the fiscal administration of the College’s externally sponsored programs. Restricted Funds is located in the Skyline Bldg. GN-H24. Telephone: (914) 594-2720. Fax: (914) 594-2781


Staff Member Title Phone Number Duties

Colin Ahyoung

Director of Restricted Funds & Grant Management

(914) 594-2787

Oversees the Restricted Funds Department.
Byron E. Sacasari
Grants Manager

(914) 594-2786

Oversees the day-to-day operations of the Restricted Funds Department, manages the staff, and works closely with the Director of Restricted Funds.

Nicolò Caparelli

Accountant II (914) 594-2785 Manages the Designated Purpose funds (Fund Group 21), Faculty Practice (Fund Group 215) Loans and Scholarships and Endowment spending accounts (Fund Groups 41 & 21)

Logan Infantino


Accountant III (914) 594-2782

Manages Federal subcontracts (Fund Group 12) and State & Local Government Awards (Fund Groups 13, 14 & 15).


Yumiko Calderon Jara


Accountant II (914) 594-2784 Manages Industry and Pharmaceutical Awards and Miscellaneous Donors (Fund Groups 16 & 17).