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Alan Schliftman, M.D.
Department of Medicine
Division of Dermatology
New York Medical College

The Division of Dermatology is responsible for all dermatologic consultations at Westchester Medical Center, Marie Ferrari Children’s Hospital and the Behavioral Health Center. It also provides 24-hour consultative services to the Emergency Room, intensive care units and the various acute trauma and burn centers throughout the medical center system.

Teaching responsibilities include third-year medical students introductory dermatologic lecture series, monthly medical resident teaching series, monthly pediatric resident teaching series and monthly dermatologic teaching rounds on inpatients. Clinical dermatology experience is offered in an outpatient setting for both medical and pediatric residents.

Faculty have created and maintained a teaching website for use by all New York Medical College students, Westchester Medical Center medical and pediatric residents, and faculty. Included are a student and resident synopsis and pictorial discussions on a wide range of dermatologic diseases as well as opportunities to participate in monthly dermatologic unknown case presentations.