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Infectious Diseases

Marc ElKhoury, M.D.

Marc El Khoury, M.D.
Associate Professor of Medicine
New York Medical College
Acting Chief of Infectious Diseases
Westchester Medical Center (WMC)

Gary Wormser, M.D.

Gary P. Wormser, M.D.
Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology
Chief of Infectious Diseases
Vice Chair of Medicine for Research and Development
New York Medical College

The Infectious Diseases (ID) Division has responsibility to provide care for patients with a wide assortment of infections. They include tertiary care patients with solid organ (kidney, liver, and heart) or bone marrow transplants; oncology, HIV/AIDS, high-risk obstetrics, level 1 trauma and burn patients, critical care, and post-surgical patients. ID faculty members serve Westchester Medical Center as director of the Antibiotic Stewardship Program and as the hospital epidemiologists.

A Lyme Disease Diagnostic Center was established to provide clinical care and conduct research studies on regional tick-borne infections. Focusing on prevention, treatment, diagnosis, pathogenesis and co-infections, cutting–edge research is conducted in collaboration with other departments at New York Medical College such as Microbiology and Immunology. Funding primarily comes from the NIH, CDC, New York State and private industry.

An ID Fellowship Program is based at Westchester Medical Center, but also includes College-affiliated Metropolitan Hospital Center in New York City. There currently are four fellows in the program who interact with up to 10 different adult and three pediatric ID physicians.

Of special research, interest are tick-borne infections such as Lyme disease, human granulocytic anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and deer tick virus infections, HIV/AIDS, infection control, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, nosocomial and staphylococcal infections.  Other research endeavors involve the use of experimental antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral agents, emerging infections, and syphilis.


Gary P. Wormser, M.D., Chief of Infectious Diseases, NYMC
Marc El Khoury, M.D., Acting Chief of Infectious Diseases, WMC
Maymonah Belal, M.D.
Donald S. Chen, M.D.
Abhay Dhand, M.D.
Jaishvi Eapen, M.B.B.S.
Julie T. Joseph, M.D.
Marina Keller, M.D.
Stephen Lobo, M.D.
Marisa A. Montecalvo, M.D.
Maria Ng, M.D.
Rajat Nog, M.D.
Charles Pavia, Ph.D.
Catherine Small, M.D.

NYMC Faculty at Metropolitan Hospital, our college-affiliated community-based hospital.

Alfonso LLosa, M.D. 
Maria Rosa Velasquez Espiritu, M.D.

WMC Fellowship Contact:

Lisa Giarratano, Fellowship Coordinator 
(O) 914.493.6612 | (F) 914.493.6708