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Work Order/Maintenance Requests

All maintenance requests should be submitted through HIPPO, our online work order system, in TouroOne. Please first log in through the Touro One portal to access the HIPPO work order program. Click Campus Resources and scroll down to the Facilities section. There you will find the work order request link. Click on the work order link and the HIPPO work order program will open on the login page. This is a single sign-on program, please do not fill out the username/password fields (as you are already logged in through Touro One) and click on the bottom where it says Touro College. Please contact Rosanna_Bonelli@nymc.edu with any HIPPO-related issues. For maintenance emergencies contact the Office of Public Safety at (914) 594-4226.

Key Requests

Key requests are issued after approval is received from the Chief of Staff and the Office of Public Safety. Once all approvals have been received the key will be made by Facilities and available for pick up in the Office of Public Safety either in BSB or 19 Skyline. Keys are for individual use only. To best ensure that your request is handled properly, please click this DocuSign link and complete all the necessary fields. If you have any questions please contact Facilities or the Office of Public Safety. Please do not share or lend out your key. Call the Office of Public Safety at (914) 594-4226 for lockouts or room access. Please contact the Office of Public Safety at NYMC-keyrequests@nymc.edu if the key is lost or misplaced as soon as possible.