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The Board of Trustees of New York Medical College requires that all contracts, leases, license agreements and other agreements to which New York Medical College is a party be reviewed and approved as to form and legality by the Office of the General Counsel (OGC). This legal review must be completed before any contract or other legal document is signed. Such legal review ensures that the proposed contract, lease or other legal document does not violate law or policy, a duly authorized officer or individual is to sign, significant or unique legal risks are identified and considered by the College and that the appropriate legal form is used for any contractual obligations of the College.  All changes to existing agreements including amounts and scope of work require an amendment to the contract.

Except for sponsored research agreements that are reviewed by the Office of Research Administration which have previously been reviewed and approved by the OGC, the OGC will use, when practical, a standard contract or agreement. If a standard contract or agreement is not deemed appropriate, then OGC will prepare a contract, by modifying the standard contract or a contract proposed by the vendor or other party, or by using OGC-approved contract language proposed by another party or contract language developed through negotiation.

OGC has developed the following forms which you are requested to use where applicable. These forms do not apply to leases, affiliation agreements, license or other forms of agreements, and can be found in the TouroOne Portal.

  • Contract Request Form
  • Services Contract Routing Sheet
  • Request Form for Professional Service Contracts

The issuance of a Purchase Order in addition to the review and execution of a contract document is required to pay contractors for contracted services. The following Contract Request Form has been developed jointly by the Purchasing Department and OGC. This form has been incorporated into the Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order form and is to be prepared at the same time the Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order form is completed. Please refer to the Purchasing instructions for further details.

Contract Request Form for Purchase Orders
Upon completion of OGC review, the resultant contract document shall be signed by the Chief Financial Officer, designee or other Officer of the College. Any contract document found to have been signed by unauthorized College personnel is void and shall be returned to the originating department for re-processing to the Office of General Counsel for review. This form can be found in the TouroOne Portal.

Please contact us if you have any questions on the above.