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New York Medical College's insurance program is administered by the Office of the General Counsel. The essential components of the insurance program currently in place is as follows:

  • Liability Insurance (including Hospital Professional and Medical Malpractice Liability)
  • Property Insurance
  • Director's and Officer's Liability
  • Environmental Pollution Liability
  • Pension and Trust Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Crime Insurance
  • Business Auto Liability

The above insurance program and the specific limits and extent of each insurance coverage are subject to change at any time, without notice at the sole discretion of New York Medical College

Claims Reporting Process

The following procedure is applicable in the event of any incident involving potential or actual personal injury or property damage occurring on College-owned or leased property.

All claims are to be reported promptly, in writing, to the Office of the General Counsel, within forty-eight (48) hours of the incident. The Claim Form is to be used for such purpose. Examples of claims, or potential liabilities are situations such as: a slip and fall by a third party, any lawsuits, hazardous spills, thefts, fires or damage to equipment. Upon receipt, the Office of the General Counsel shall review the matter, make a determination as to whether or not the claim is covered under the College's insurance program, and, if appropriate, submit the claim to the applicable insurance carrier in accordance with policy requirements. All required and relevant documentation to support any claim submitted to the College's insurance carriers must be forwarded to the OGC no later than sixty (60) days after the date of the incident. It is noted that the Office of the General Counsel is the only department that is authorized to administer and handle insurance matters on behalf of New York Medical College.

Finally, the reporting requirements of this procedure to the Office of the General Counsel are in addition to all other incident reporting requirements of the College such as to the Security Department.

Certificate of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance Request Form should be forwarded for consideration to the Office of the General Counsel for all certificates of insurance requested.

Should you have any questions on the above, please contact us at (914) 594-4567.