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Campus Security Advisory Committee (CSAC)

Tarm patch 2 lineshe personal safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors, is of primary importance at NYMC.  The College regularly reviews security and safety procedures as well as emergency response plans with the goal of minimizing the risks and consequences of violence or danger in our community.

New York State Education law mandates colleges appoint and support the operations of a campus advisory committee on security.  In accordance with this mandate, the New York Medical College Advisory Committee (CSAC) acts as a forum for reviewing and improving campus security and safety policies and procedures.  At NYMC the committee is more commonly referred to as the "Safety Team."

The Safety Team consists of at least six members, representing staff, faculty and students and is chaired by the Associate Director of the Office of Public Safety. The Faculty Senate and the Student Senate nominate, from among their members, representatives to the committee. The Chancellor of the College or his designee selects an equal number of individuals from each group to serve on CSAC, thereby constituting two thirds of CSAC’s membership. The Chancellor or his designee appoints the remaining one-third of CSAC membership from members of the College staff. One half of the voting committee members must be female.

The committee considers policies and practices that address campus security, personal safety, crime prevention, sexual assault, and concerns, including complaints that members of our community raise about security and safety. The committee reviews crime statistics affecting the campus and focuses attention on improving practices affecting members of our community who are victims of criminal acts that take place on or near campus. Each year, CSAC reports its findings about campus security and its recommendations for improving the safety and security of all members of our community to the College Chancellor or his designee.

If you wish to bring safety and/or security concerns to the attention of the committee, or to become a member of the Safety Team you may do so by contacting The Director of the Office of Public Safety at 914 594 4226 or any member of the committee.

Kim Bologna