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Planning an Event

Individual offices, schools and departments are responsible for the logistics and coordination of their online or in-person events on or off campus.

As a higher education institution, our student’s educational experience is our number one priority. New York Medical College (NYMC) will consider external event requests provided they adhere to our policies. Refer to the events calendars and academic calendars for potential conflicts. Be mindful of your audience availability, midterms, finals, exams other events, etc. 

Sponsoring offices or departments must add their event to the NYMC online events calendar (nymc.edu/calendar) and include any accompanying RSVP links prior to submitting a request for service from the Office of Public Relations. Please note that each NYMC school has a designated person in the respective school dean’s office to approve the event to go LIVE on the calendar. This applies to in-person and online events.

NYMC Events Guide

Please refer to the NYMC Events Guide for all things you need to know when hosting your event.

Book Your Event

Students: Student organizations and clubs must contact Anthony M. Sozzo, M.A., M.S.Ed., M.A., associate dean for student affairs and director of student financial planning and student activities, for event space and room reservations.

Staff and Faculty: Reservations on the Valhalla campus are facilitated through the Office of Facilities Management. For any room reservation needs, please use the Resource Scheduler Login.

For requesters with a username and password: Please log in using your email address. (If a password has not been assigned to you please contact the Office of Facilities Management and one can be assigned for you). This will give the user access to the campus scheduler which includes all classrooms and various rooms on campus. Once logged in, users may click on the Reservation Wizard which will allow you to enter the date, time and name of your event/meeting. You may also specify the type of room you would like to use (example: conference room; auditorium or classroom). The reservation wizard will then give you a list of the rooms available that meet your event/meeting needs. Once you click on the submit button your request will be sent to the Office of Facilities Management and/or Office of Educational Media for final approval. The user will be sent a confirmation email and the event can be viewed in the calendar.

If you require any assistance or housekeeping services, please contact the Office of Facilities Management at (914) 594-4588, or email Rosanna Bonelli or Susan Butler to obtain a username and password for resource scheduler. 

Submit Event to Calendar

Click on the appropriate link to submit events for possible inclusion on the events calendar. Before submitting an event, please make sure that any and all event space (including reserving a room) and logistics are confirmed beforehand. Student organizations and clubs must contact Anthony M. Sozzo, M.A., M.S.Ed., M.A.

Requests for Public Relations Services

The Office of Public Relations is responsible for the overall brand image and identity of NYMC. The brand presents a clear visual representation of the College and includes logos, font types, colors, photos, and the school name. The Office of Public Relations oversees the brand to ensure it is applied consistently and appropriately to all communication vehicles including publications (both print and electronic), the website, social media, stationery, business cards, signage and banners. These style guidelines outline the proper use of the NYMC logo and overall brand image, provide guidance on digital media content and production of print materials.

NYMC offices and departments that would like to request services from the Office of Public Relations, please complete the Public Relations Project Request Form.

Student clubs and organizations must go through an NYMC office or department to request services.

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