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Reporting Compliance Concerns

Expectations of NYMC Community:

All College faculty, employees, and students are expected to:

  • act in good faith
  • report on concerns that are reasonably considered to be in possible violation of any law, regulation, or College policy (you do not need to know the exact law, regulation, or policy)
  • be truthful and cooperative in the College's investigation of allegations

Good faith reports will not jeopardize employment or academic standing. Making reports in bad faith, knowingly making false reports, or providing false or untruthful information during an investigation can lead to discipline, including if warranted, termination. 


Avenues for Reporting Concerns

  • Local Reporting: The best place to raise a concern typically begins with the specific department or unit’s ordinary management or supervisory channels (e.g., supervisor, instructor, or adviser). Usually, the local department or unit is the most familiar with the issues and parties and best equipped to address or raise a concern to a higher level.
  • OIC Reporting: If reporting locally is inappropriate because of the subject matter or work/personal relationships (e.g., a complaint pertains to the supervisor’s conduct), concerns may be raised with OIC at (914) 594-4567 or NYMC-Compliance@nymc.edu.
  • Sexual Harassment/Title IX Reporting: If a College community member has been discriminated or harassed on a basis of sex, they should report the incident via email to OIC or to Matthew Lieberman, the Title IX Coordinator for Touro University, or call (646) 565-6000 Ext. 55667.
  • Anonymous Reporting: Where a member of the College community fears reprisal, embarrassment, or for other reasons does not feel comfortable utilizing normal reporting channels, they may make an anonymous report by dialing (646) 565-6000 ext. 55330.

The Following Should NOT be Reported to Compliance


Should be Reported To


First call 911, then Campus Safety

Disputes or disagreements with supervisors regarding performance evaluations, wage increases, grievances or other employment concerns that do not involve legal or policy violations

Human Resources

Student issues such as housing, financial aid, academic misconduct, and other student affairs issues

Responsible College office associated with the issue


Accreditation Reporting

If you have concerns about the qualifications for accreditation of NYMC or any of its programs, they may be reported at the following links: