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Dental Linker Program

Many students who graduate from college find that, although they possess many outstanding traits that are expected of practicing dentists, their academic records are not strong enough to enable them to gain acceptance into dental school. These candidates’ positive traits are often identified through in-person interviews. Members of admissions committees often recognize potential candidates who would benefit from an ‘enhancer program’ that will allow them to (a) identify learning strategies that best fit their learning approach and (b) develop critical thinking skills that will allow them to excel in a dental curriculum. 

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences has partnered with the Touro College of Dental Medicine (TCDM) at New York Medical College to create a one-year (accelerated) Master’s linkage program for a limited number of candidates whom the TCDM admissions committee identifies as excellent linkage students. The advantage of this program is that it allows an individual to develop their learning skills as they prepare to enter dental school. The hybrid curriculum is designed to introduce students to a dental school atmosphere, become exposed to several basic science dental courses, and enroll in graduate-level courses that are designed to enhance both critical thinking skills and self-directed learning skills. Students who achieve pre-established academic benchmarks in the Master’s program are offered linkage acceptance to the TCDM without having to re-apply following the academic portion of the program.

The degree to be earned is a Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences. 

The linkage pathway for this program is as follows:

By Referral Only - eligible candidates must be identified by the TCDM Admissions Committee during the dental admissions process as applicants who demonstrate strong potential to be successful dentists but would benefit from the additional upper-level science academic preparation offered by this one-year program in the GSBMS. 

Specific Program Requirements

Students in the dental linker program must complete 30 academic credits within a single academic year.  

Fall Semester
Required Courses  
(July - August)  Critical Analysis (BMSM 8041) 1 credit
  Strategies for Effective Scientific Writing (BMSM 8030) 1 credit
(September - January) Dental Physiology (PHYM 1310) 7 credits
(August - December)  Lectures in Histology (CBAM 1320) 3 credits
  Laboratory in Histology (CBAM 1330) 2 credits
  General Biochemistry I (BCHM 1010) 4 credits
Spring Semester
Required Courses  
(January - May)  Cell Biology (CBAM 1360) 3 credits
  Interdisciplinary Seminar (BMSM 8042) 1 credit
  Research for M.S. Lit Review (BMSM 9701) 1 credit
  Selected Topics in Dental & Biomedical Sciences  (BMSM 7104) 3 credits
  Dental Microbiology & Immunology (MCRM 1310) 4 credits
  Master's Literature Review (BMSM 9750) 0 credits
  TOTAL 30 credits


Students complete the course work between July and mid-June. An overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 or better is required before a degree can be awarded. Students who gain admission to a dental school for the subsequent fall term may elect to complete a literature review over the summer period and receive their degree in August or December. This task may also be deferred until the following summer, which would delay the awarding of the degree until the following year. A summary of the Master of Science degree requirements can be found here.

DLP Curriculum Overview

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Contact Us

Program Director:
Austin Guo, Ph.D.
Basic Sciences Building - Room 546
(914) 594-4625