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Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences M.S.

The Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences 2-year program is for students intending to apply for admission to a variety of professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, physician assistant or academic programs linked to a research career. This competitive program exposes students to a broad range of fields that cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The design of this program allows students to strengthen their knowledge base in core disciplines, enhance written and oral communication skills and gain self-directed learning skills. Students are closely mentored by faculty of the SOM and GSBMS. Courses are scheduled in the late afternoon/evening, allowing students the opportunity to work during the day or participate in activities that supplement their application to professional programs.

Recent graduates of the program have enrolled in medical school (LCME-accredited allopathic schools, osteopathic schools, Caribbean schools), dental school, ARC-PA accredited physician assistant programs and nursing school, joined the pharmaceutical industry, and entered doctoral programs.

The Interdisciplinary BMS Master's program accepts applications directly through the Postbac Centralized Application Service (PostbacCAS) or the TouroOne Connect Online Application System. Applications are reviewed once they are complete and/or verified.

Specific Program Requirements

A minimum of 30 credits and a Master’s Literature Review or 32 credits and a Master’s Thesis are required. Students in this program may seek out any member of the Graduate Faculty to supervise their literature review or their Master’s thesis research. Elective credits may be earned by passing didactic graduate courses offered by any of the Graduate School departments. View the course descriptions here

Track A:   
Required Courses  
General Biochemistry I  (BCHM 1010) 4 credits
General Biochemistry II (BCHM 1020) 4 credits
Mammalian Physiology I (PHYM 1010) 4 credits
Mammalian Physiology II (PHYM 1020) 4 credits
Cell Biology (CBAM 1360) 3 credits
Student Seminar Courses (7101, 7102 series) 2 credits
Choice of one of the following courses:  
   General Microbiology I (MCRM 1010) 4 credits
   OR Basic Immunology (MCRM 2010) 2 credits
   OR Introduction to Pathology (PATM 1080) 3 credits
   OR Pharmacology I (PHRM 1010) 4 credits
   OR Immunopharmacology (PHRM 2710) 2 credits 
Master's Literature Review (BMSM 9750) 0 credits
Electives (didactic credits only) 5-7 credits
TOTAL 30 credits


Track B:   
Required Courses  
General Biochemistry I  (BCHM 1010) 4 credits
General Biochemistry II (BCHM 1020) 4 credits
Mammalian Physiology I (PHYM 1010) 4 credits
Mammalian Physiology II (PHYM 1020) 4 credits
Responsible Conduct of Research (BMSM 2020) 2 credits
Life in Biomedical Research I (BMSM 3510) 2 credits
  OR Life in Biomedical Research II (BMSM 3520) 2 credits
Graduate Research Workshop (BMSM 8050) 1 credit
Master's Thesis Research (BMSM 9800) 1-5 credits
Master's Thesis (BMSM 9850) 0 credits
Electives (didactic credits only) 6-10 credits
TOTAL 32 credits

A summary of the Master of Science degree requirements can be found here

Guaranteed Interview Agreements

We have recently negotiated a number of guaranteed interview agreements with several colleges and universities. The details can be found on our website

Kaplan Test Prep

We have partnered with Kaplan Test Prep to allow GSBMS students in good standing to register for one of Kaplan’s MCAT prep courses at a substantial discount from the regular retail price. Online courses are available throughout the year; our academic advisors help you decide if/when such a course would best fit into your schedule and planned application to medical school. If there is sufficient interest, an in-person course, with a live instructor, can also be arranged. We believe this is a real value-added element to consider on top of the already excellent curriculum and counseling you will receive in the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences 2-year Master’s program.  

Meet Joe, Liza and Charles - iBMS students who have shared their stories about the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Contact Us

Program Director:
Austin Guo, Ph.D.
Basic Sciences Building - Room 546
(914) 594-4625