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Master of Science

The Graduate School offers ten Master of Science programs – including an interdisciplinary program offered in both traditional and accelerated tracks as well as our new Clinical Laboratory Sciences program. Our Master’s programs help prepare students for successful careers as researchers, managers, and teachers. The interdisciplinary programs are intended for students seeking careers in the health professions, such as medicine, dentistry, physician’s assistant or veterinary. Minimum required credits vary for each program. Students must write either a Master’s Literature Review of a current field of investigation, or a Master’s Thesis based on original laboratory research performed under the guidance of a graduate faculty mentor. All programs may be completed within two years with the exception of the Accelerated Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences Master’s program and the Dental Linker program, which may be completed within one year. Most or all credits earned in pursuit of an M.S. degree in one of the six basic sciences can also be applied subsequently towards Ph.D. degree requirements. 

Each of the six discipline-specific M.S. programs also offers a Biomedical Science & Management - Professional Science Master’s (PSM) track designed for students interested in pursuing careers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or other biomedical science industries – or in the government or not-for-profit sectors related to these fields. These PSM tracks require completion of 36 credits overall, including science courses; courses in one or more professional skills such as business, project management, communications, or regulatory affairs; and a project-based internship at one of the many participating companies or agencies in our region.  

The ten M.S. programs are:


Biomedical Science & Management: