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Pathology button‌Program Director:
Tetyana Cheairs, Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

Basic Sciences Building - Room 425
(914) 594-3105

The Department of Pathology offers a program of study and research training leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree. This program focuses on the comprehensive study of the pathogenesis of various diseases and methods for their diagnosis. The understanding of disease processes on a mechanistic level is essential for the development of their prevention and treatment.
The educational program for the Ph.D. degree is designed to foster analytical problem-solving within the wide range of the basic medical sciences, with particular emphasis on the fundamental disciplines of cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, and immunology. Current research interests of the faculty in the Department of Pathology includes cancer, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases and stem cell research. The Department also hosts several core facilities, including histology, flow cytometry and genomics core laboratories.

The doctoral program in Pathology allows for flexibility in course work to suit the student’s particular interest. The hallmark of the Ph.D. is, however, laboratory training and the development of research skills to prepare the student for a career as a research scientist in the broad area of pathogenesis of human disease. A wide range of research laboratories within the Department of Pathology and the College’s Cancer Research Institute are available for the student’s dissertation research project. Affiliation with Westchester Medical Center allows for the development of translational research bridging basic and clinical science.