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Program Curriculum

Students in the accelerated program must complete 32 academic credits within a single academic year.  

Fall Semester
(August - December)

Required Courses
  Mammalian Physiology I (PHYM 1015)  4 credits
  Foundational Principles (BMSM 5110) 6 credits
  Principles of Disease (BMSM 5120) 4 credits
  Strategies for Effective Scientific Writing-AMP
(BMSM 5160)
1 credit
Spring Semester
(January - June)

Required Courses
  Mammalian Physiology II (PHYM 1025)  4 credits
  Medical Microbiology & Immunology (BMSM 5145) 8 credits
  Principles of Neuroscience (BMSM 5150) 5 credits
  Master's Literature Review (BMSM 9750) Track A
  OR Master's Thesis (BMSM 9850) Track B
0 credits
0 credits
  TOTAL 32 credits

Students complete the course work between August and mid-June. An overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 or better is required before a degree can be awarded. Students who gain admission to a medical school for the subsequent fall term may elect to complete a literature review over the summer period and receive their degree in August or December. This task may also be deferred until the following summer, which would delay the awarding of the degree until the following year. Some medical schools require completion of the Master’s program before they allow matriculation into a medical school class. In these cases, early completion of the literature review would allow the Dean to notify the admitting medical school that all requirements had been met. A summary of the Master of Science degree requirements can be found here.

Students who defer entry into medical school for a year following completion of the Accelerated course curriculum may complete the literature review (Track A) during the subsequent year, or they may consider undertaking a laboratory research project and submitting a Master’s Thesis (Track B). It is, in practical terms, not possible to complete all Track B degree requirements (courses, research and thesis) within one calendar year.

AMP Curriculum Overview 03.21.2023

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