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SOM Registration

Registration Details for Required Courses

Visit the Bursar for the full tuition refund policy.

Students who receive federal student aid are subject to both the general New York Medical College refund policy and a separate Federal Title IV Funds Refund Policy.

View more in-depth explanations about the SOM curriculum.

Registration Details for Optional Courses

Areas of Concentration (AOC) Registration

Detailed information about open enrollment will be sent to students via email.  Online registration generally opens 8 weeks prior to the start of class for the below courses.

To learn more about the AOC optional electives, please visit Areas of Concentration (AOC) Program Site.

Important Policy

  • An AOC course may be added or dropped prior to the last day of class.
  • Courses that are dropped will not appear on a transcript.
  • Courses that are not completed and not dropped by the last day of class will result in a grade of No Credit (NC).
  • Withdrawal after the class has ended is not permitted.
  • AOC courses are optional.  Only register for the concentration(s) that interest you.

    ETHM 6012 Clinical Ethics (Virtual Synchronous)

    UMDM 2501 Foundation: Global & Population Health (online)
    UMDM 2502 Foundation: Medical Education (online)
    UMDM 2503 Foundation: Medical Research (online)
    UMDM 2504 Foundation: Children’s Environmental Health (online)
    UMDM 2505 Foundation: Nutrition & Cul Med (online)
    UMDM 2506 Foundation: Health Policy (online)
    UMDM 2507 Foundation: Drug Development (Hybrid)

    To register for the Area of Concentration classes, please follow the instructions below during the open enrollment periods:

    To register:

    1. Log in to the TouroOne Portal
    2. Click Registration on the left blue sidebar
    3. Click Add/Drop Classes.  (This will open as a new tab in your browser.)
    4. Select the appropriate Term
    5. In the Add Classes Worksheet, type the course number (CRN) from above into the box.
    6. Click Submit Changes
    7. The screen will refresh, and you’ll now see these courses under “Current Schedule” 
    8. Make sure you see all your courses under “Current Schedule”

    Dropping Courses

    The Drop Deadline is on or before the last day of class.

    1. Log in to the TouroOne Portal
    2. Click Registration on the left blue sidebar
    3. Click Add or Drop Classes under Registration tools
    4. Select Term and click submit
    5. In the Action pull down list, select Web Drop/Delete
    6. Click Submit Changes to submit the change to your schedule
    7. Check your schedule to make sure the course was dropped