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GSBMS Registration

Registration encompasses the process of selecting courses and getting approval of course selections, as well as ensuring that tuition and financial aid issues are addressed in a timely manner.  Registration for a class or classes is the official admittance of a student to NYMC. Only registered students are allowed access to campus services, facilities, and the school network and email system.  Registration procedures and timing vary according to program. Registration instructions will be sent via email before registration opens.

All students should do the following before the start of each term

  • Update contact info (address, phones, emergency contacts) in the TouroOne Portal
  • Submit any outstanding documentation and/or payments to the Financial Aid and Bursar Offices
  • Submit proof of health insurance coverage to the Bursar’s Office or visit the Bursar's Health Insurance page
  • Get an NYMC Photo ID card from the Security Office (new students only)
  • Submit proof of immunization to Health Services (new students only)
  • Bring I-20 forms, passports, and I-94 cards to Int’l Student Advisor Elizabeth Ward (new international students only)
  • To see details, please select your program in the left-hand menu. 

Schedule changes


  • Classes can be added or dropped online through the add/drop deadline.
  • Students cannot drop their last class online; paper form is required with advisor approval.
  • Dropped courses are removed entirely from the student’s transcript.


  • After the deadline to drop, submit Add/Drop/Withdraw Form to the Registrar’s Office.
  • Courses from which the student withdraws after the close of the drop/add period will remain on the student’s transcript with a grade of W (withdraw) or W/F (withdraw, failing).  The W/F “grade” is given if the student is failing the course and more than 50% of the final grade has been determined.  Both W and W/F are “non-penalty” grades that do not negatively impact a student’s GPA.
  • A form is required to drop or withdraw from your last class.

SWAPPING COURSE(S) - Classes dropped during the add/drop period may result in a partial tuition charge, unless you are replacing them with an identical number of credits (“swapping”). Swapping must be done on the same business day.

REFUNDS - Visit the Bursar for the full refund policy.

AUDITING COURSE(S) - Students may change their status in a course from graded to audit, or vice versa, during the drop/add period by submitting an Add/Drop/Withdraw Form.

WITHDRAW OR LEAVE OF ABSENCE - To drop or withdraw from all of your courses, take a leave of absence, or withdraw from the program entirely, please contact your advisor. Status form can be found here.